Geo Redirects and VPNs

November 28th, 2018

PeerFly has over 4,000 offers for more than 20 different countries! While you’re welcome to promote any offer no matter where you live, this post is going to address using a VPN to get around those pesky geo-redirects. 

Allowed Countries

Every offer on PeerFly indicates a specific country or countries it accepts traffic from. These restrictions are set by the client so to make sure PeerFly’s publishers only deliver premium traffic quality, we redirect clicks from outside the geos allowed to another, generic offer. If you’ve ever clicked on a travel website and found yourself on an page pushing iPhones, you’re most likely outside the offer’s allowed counties. But, fear not, because you can use a VPN to check out the landing page.

Using a VPN

A virtual private network, or VPN, extends a private network across both shared and public networks to allow users to act as if they were on the private network. Basically, it’s like letting your computer teleport through the magic of the internet. You might have used one in college to access your school’s library system from home, or at work to login to your company’s backend remotely. 

VPNs are also an important part of any publisher’s tool kit. As discussed, untargeted traffic is redirected so even we have to use a VPN to check landing pages for offers that don’t allow US traffic. 

Viewing a landing page with a VPN is as simple as logging into your VPN, selecting the allowed country, and clicking on your PeerFly link. However, we do ask that you use your “View Site” or “View Landing Page” link and not your affiliate link. As you can imagine, a client checking your traffic who stumbles upon a bunch of clicks from a VPN might unknowingly deem it poor quality. 

Popular VPN Options

While we don’t endorse any particular VPN, let’s review three of the most popular options. 


PureVPN is a great option, it’s actually what we use here at PeerFly! We like it because of its simple interface, Chrome extension and overall functionality. You can get started with PureVPN for about $10/month. At time of posting, they’re offering a great black Friday sale! 


Windscribe was the most popular VPN among the publishers Luke polled on affLIFT. It’s easy to see why, since they offer a decent free version of their product. To access VPNs for smaller countries, you may need to upgrade to the pro version for about $5 a month. 


ExpressVPN is another favorite of Luke’s affLIFT members. They liked their 30 day free trial and helpful live-chat support. A paid membership is about $8 a month, so definitely another good option to check out. 

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15 thoughts on “Geo Redirects and VPNs

  1. Clement

    I think you should make it more clearly the positive effects of viewing offer landing page with VPN. Does it mean after you view the offer landing page with VPN you can send traffic to it outside the offer allowed countries too?

  2. Justin Jack

    Does it mean after you view the offer landing page with VPN you can send traffic to it outside the offer allowed countries too?

  3. Nat

    So let me understand, is the VPN only used to view the offer? If you can view the offer on the “view offer” link then what is the actual use of VPN?

    1. LukePeerFly

      Because a lot of offers will redirect you. They won’t allow you to view them unless you are on a computer in the country they allow traffic from (which is what the VPN is for).

  4. StillLearning

    Peerfly team, can you clarify that I’ve read and understood correctly please?

    Viewing a landing page using a VPN is so that you can see what the offer looks like in the designated country.

    Even if I use the “View Site” or “View Landing Page” link from the dashboard, (not through my Peerfly affiliate link) because my IP address is not one of the allowed countries, I’ll get redirected to another webpage and not the Peerfly offer. For example, a Peerfly affiliate resides in UK and has selected an offer only viewable for those living in NewZealand or USA. Clicking the “View Landing Page” whilst in UK (without a VPN), they’ll get redirected to a blank page or another unrelated webpage. Reason? Their browser detected that their location is in UK therefore blocks viewing that offer.

    Am I getting it correctly?

    If so, it means when I’m using Peerfly, best to log in using a VPN right?

    If I have got that bit correct, does it mean I can still choose offers outside my country because even without me seeing the offer page (because I’m not using a VPN) my Peerfly link will still be seen by those in the designated countries? HOWEVER doing it this way, is fruitless because I dont know what the landing page offer looks like – right? Therefore it is profitable to get a VPN


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