Exciting Changes to Booking.com!

July 13th, 2018

You may have noticed some pretty big changes to Booking.com in the past few weeks. While there has been a little bit of confusion, we’re pumped about the new RoomSales version of Booking and you should be too!

Don’t Stress About Your Links

We took down offer 11069 about a month ago but don’t stress about your links. Even if you’re using the old link, your traffic will automatically redirect to the new RoomSales version of Booking.com. It’s not necessary to change your links.

How Much Does RoomSales Pay?

The RoomSales version of Booking.com pays out a 4% commission on any hotel room booking. If you had even one conversion on the old version of Booking, you’ll notice that you’re already bumped to a 4.8% commission!


When a user books a hotel room through your affiliate link, you will be able to view the expected value on your dashboard. We’ll pay you for the sale 30 days after the user checks out. As opposed to the straight CPS version we used to have, there is a bit of a wait before you’ll see a payout but we think the earning potential more than makes up for it. Plus, you’ll start to see your earnings snowball the longer you promote! Hello, holiday travel. 🙂

Geos and Deep Linking

We’ve done our best to make sure that all geos available on the old version of Booking were carried over to the new RoomSales offer. Let us know if there’s a new geo you would like to see added. We’ll do our best to get it added!

Booking.com RoomSales currently allows: 

Just like the old version of Booking, deep linking is available! Deep linking gives you the ability to point your affiliate link at any page on Booking.com. That means you can create campaigns for specific locations or even individual hotels.

We’ve tried to make the transition as seamless as possible but don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!




Lauren Hostert

I'm an Affiliate Manager at PeerFly.com.

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