GDPR – Data Privacy Regulations for European Residents

May 22nd, 2018

What is GDPR?
It stands for the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

GDPR deals with data privacy. Enforcement will begin on May 25, 2018 (right around the corner from the time this blog post was written.) Much of the information you will see on GDPR deals with ensuring you have permission and consent to be able to email European customers or otherwise collect, store, and utilize their data for marketing purposes. There are heavy financial penalties for companies or individuals who violate the provisions of GDPR.

This EU GDPR website has some pretty in-depth info on the topic for those who are interested in learning more:

The EU GDPR website has a ton of information, but the most straightforward info is found under the GDPR Key Changes link.  Another relatively short and sweet section is the GDPR Frequently Asked Questions that covers topics such as how to prepare, and is my organization affected.

PeerFly will be sharing more information relating to exactly how GDPR will affect our affiliates, clients, and our network. If you need specific legal advice relating to your company and any processing of personal data your company does (especially if you market to European Union countries), we recommend that you consult an attorney or legal professional. This blog post is not intended to be comprehensive legal advice, we just want to share some basic information and links for you to further research how exactly GDPR may affect you.

At the most basic level, GDPR is going to require anyone who processes, collects, or stores data on EU residents to make sure your privacy policy clearly outlines several things about the data you are collecting. This includes: where does the data come from? How is it processed. How long is it kept. Where/how is it kept. And it ensures that companies are easily allowing and supporting EU residents to have several rights when it comes to their data. This includes: they have the right to access the data, the right to modify any out of date or incorrect data, they have the right to have their data deleted from your system, and also have data portability rights that allow them to download their data from your system.

Our client partners may have to change some of their landing pages and websites to ensure they are GDPR compliant if they are collecting customer data or planning to email customers or register them for an account. This may be some of the first real world effects of the new GDPR regulations that affiliates see.

If you are a solo entrepreneur who maintains your own websites or apps, and your customers and visitors include individuals from Europe, you should seek legal counsel if you are still unclear on what exactly you need to do to ensure you are GDPR compliant. If you’re not quite ready to hire an attorney, there are a ton of articles out there with information. Use keywords specific to your business and see if any reputable leaders in your particular space have given more insight into how the upcoming regulations will affect you.

Stay tuned for more updates on GDPR compliance, and feel free to comment below with any questions or additional information on the topic!


Travis is a dedicated member of the PeerFly Team, working primarily in the Business Development Department. He has been involved in the Online Advertising & Marketing Industry since 2007.

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