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January 29th, 2018

PeerFly interview with CPL

Although it’s too late in the month to say HAPPY NEW YEAR,  we do hope that 2018 is off to a great start for you. One of our goals this year is to introduce you to even more campaigns and give you info that you can use to launch a successful new campaign. Throughout the year we will share in-depth info on dozens of offers from the over 3,000 offers that are live on PeerFly currently.

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Without further ado, we will delve right into the first Question and Answer session that is packed full of info on the KidsCasting offers:


1) To give affiliates some general info on the company, explain what KidsCasting is, and the primary goal of the company?

KidsCasting is a unique, 24/7 platform that focuses on providing latest casting calls for babies as young as 1 week old and minors as old as 17. We are a perfect place for parents who want to introduce their kids to modeling and acting as a hobby, or even as a future career.

Our team of experts is dedicated to make our members’ experience with KidsCasting as informative and fulfilling as possible. Whether our members and their child already have some background in the entertainment industry, or they are completely new to it, we’re here to help them every step of the way.

KidsCasting can be best compared to a job-hunting website. How it works: Casting Directors post casting calls on our website, and our members can apply and see if their child is invited to an audition.

2) What ages are eligible for KidsCasting, and how do parents go about submitting their children?

KidsCasting offers latest acting, modeling and performing casting calls for babies as young as 1 week old and minors as old as 17. No experience is required to start.

Submitting to casting calls is easy: all you need is a KidsCasting profile with general information about your child and their photo.

3) Are there any success stories or testimonials that KidsCasting can share?

Our platform has helped many kids to succeed. Last month alone more than 300 members shared their success stories with us. Here are some of them:

Some of the testimonials:

“Hi my name is Angelica Daniels. It’s only been a few days and we are getting calls from casting directors. This is great! Im very excited to start this new journey with my beautiful daughter Angelica. Thank you so much, KidsCasting!” – Angelica Daniels

“My son just recently signed with National Modeling Showcase and had his first professional photo shoot this past weekend. The shoot was absolutely amazing and the photos were not only professional but showed his character. Thank you KidsCasting.” – DeMarco Smith

“Diane has been with KidsCasting for 1 month and already is selected to be in a modeling commercial! Thank you, KidsCasting for giving her the chance to fullfill her dreams!”  – Diane Bandow Clark

4) Moving more into the marketing side, what are the primary target demographics we should target for potential customers – Age range, male/female, location -region or states to target.

Parents (mainly moms – females 25-45 y.o.),  with kids 0 – 13 yrs located in The U.S. The top traffic is from CA, NY, FL, GA

5) What promotion types work well: social, display, influencer marketing, mobile, etc?

Social Organic, Google Display, Social PPC, Email

6) What percentage of submissions are coming from mobile?

80% of traffic is mobile – our website is fully mobile optimized

7) What is the most effective messaging – Ad Headings, banner text, etc that you have seen work on this campaign?

Banner Text:

  • Casting Calls for Kids
  • Auditions for Kids
  • Casting Kids for TV, Commercials, Film, and Print

Ad headings:

  • KIDS Casting Calls and Auditions
  • Casting Calls and Auditions for KIDS
  • Develop Your Child’s Talent
  • Your Kids Will KidsCasting
  • Make Your Kids Successful

8) What type of volume is possible on this campaign? What is a significant number of leads that a quality publisher could aspire to deliver in a month?

400 – 600 leads per day to start with (during trial period for affiliate), and if all is good (conversion etc.) then there’s no limit.

9) Are there any days of the week, days of the month, or even hours of the day to daypart or timepart these campaigns?

We accept traffic Mon – Sun 24 hours a day.

However,  for email the best times are: Monday – Friday 7am – 8am(PST), 10:30am(PST), 1:30pm(PST), 5pm PST.

10) What are some issues that affiliates should avoid when setting up their campaigns?

There’s no issues really. Marketing team at KidsCasting is happy to work with every single affiliate to help set up the campaign, provide necessary creatives, give advice and help you to make the best possible ROI on your campaigns.

11) Does this offer pair well with another vertical of offers? Such as ecommerce general, ecommerce homegoods, ecommerce children’s toys, educational offers, family travel, magazine subscriptions, etc?

Ecommerce children’s toys, children’s classes, family magazine subscriptions, Mother bloggers, parent bloggers, kids education and development, children’s clothing.

12) Are there any interests that your ideal target customers share?

Kids activities, family time, kids educations, kids entertainment, kids movies

13) Have any affiliates done well with video promotion of this campaign, either on sites such as youtube, social media platforms, or using video on their own sites or landing pages to attract interest in the campaign?

So far none of our affiliates have used video promotion. But we would be happy to support any affiliate who is willing to give it a go.

14) Are there any plans to expand to any countries outside of the United States on this campaign in the future?

In a year we plan to expand into Canada, UK and Russia.

Thanks so much to our client for taking the time to explain KidsCasting and give us some more in depth info. If you’re interested in promoting the offers, you can check them out here: Lead – Pay Per Sign Up Pay Per Sale


Travis is a dedicated member of the PeerFly Team, working primarily in the Business Development Department. He has been involved in the Online Advertising & Marketing Industry since 2007.

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