2016 Holiday Gift Guide

December 13th, 2016

Happy holidays! As marketers, we all know that this is a huge time of year to push retail brands. We compiled some of our hottest offers into a 2016 holiday gift guide to help you get your Christmas campaigns running faster than Rudolph.

Seasonal Converters

Did you know that kids are 12 years old on average when they receive their first smart phone? With internet connected devices being on the Christmas wish-list of so many youngsters, the holidays are a huge time of year for internet protection tools like Net Nanny. Great pick for fan pages or mommy bloggers!

Find it on PeerFly here: https://peerfly.com/pubs/offers/offer.php?id=30219

NetNanny and PersonalzationMall.com info from Holiday Gift Guide

For personalized stockings to hang by the chimney with care and other unique gifts, check out Personalizationmall.com on PeerFly:

Stockings: https://peerfly.com/pubs/offers/offer.php?id=30287
Christmas cards: https://peerfly.com/pubs/offers/offer.php?id=30286
Gifts: https://peerfly.com/pubs/offers/offer.php?id=30285
Ornaments: https://peerfly.com/pubs/offers/offer.php?id=30284

Fashion Retailers

Give the gift of fashion! JustFab guides users through the process of curating a personalized style profile. Experience working with a personal stylist for a fraction of the price.

Find JustFab on PeerFly here: https://peerfly.com/pubs/offers/offer.php?id=30220

JustFab and Southmoonunder from the holiday gift guide

Southmoonunder offers a huge assortment of high fashion brands like Free People, Marc Jacobs, Rebecca Minkoff, Michael Kors and more! Orders placed before December 19th will arrive before Christmas so it’s a great choice for last minute shoppers!

Check out Southmoonunder here: https://peerfly.com/pubs/merchants/profile.php?id=403

Monthly Subscription Services

We’ve all heard the phrase “the gift that keeps on giving,” but how about the gift that gives each month? Subscription services are an awesome pick for holiday campaigns. For a low recurring payment, users can remind their loved ones how much they care all year ’round!

Scentbird and Fivefourclub from the holiday gift guide

Scentbird for women: https://peerfly.com/pubs/offers/offer.php?id=25580
Scentbird for men: https://peerfly.com/pubs/offers/offer.php?id=25581
FourFiveClub: https://peerfly.com/pubs/offers/offer.php?id=25307

Sirius radio and Lootcrate from the holiday gift guide

Sirius Radio, 6 month subscription: https://peerfly.com/pubs/offers/offer.php?id=29369
Sirius Radio, 12 month subscription: https://peerfly.com/pubs/offers/offer.php?id=29368
LootCrate:  https://peerfly.com/pubs/offers/offer.php?id=25269

E-Commerce Stores

According to the Wall Street Journal, 51% of non-grocery purchases made in 2016 were made online, surpassing in-store purchases for the first time ever! With online shopping becoming the preferred retail experience of more and more consumers, you can’t go wrong with the e-commerce giants available on PeerFly. With everything from cell phones to home decor to auto parts, there’s sure to be something for everyone on your “nice list.”

Lightinthebox and Current Catalogue from the holiday gift guide

Checkout LightintheBox on PeerFly here: https://peerfly.com/pubs/merchants/profile.php?id=331
And Current Catalogue here: https://peerfly.com/pubs/merchants/profile.php?id=480

Have a question? Let us know in the comments! Otherwise have a great holiday season and a very happy new year. 🙂

Lauren Hostert

I'm an Affiliate Manager at PeerFly.com.

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