Payoneer Payments on PeerFly

November 3rd, 2016

While there are many payment processors to choose from, we wanted to highlight one of our trusted partners – Payoneer – and go over some of the benefits they offer.

Just Call Us Mr./Mrs. Worldwide

PeerFly is the affiliate network of choice for thousands of affiliates. We have publishers living in everywhere from Tokyo to Bangladesh to Copenhagen!

Payoneer is a good fit for the 55% of publisher residing outside the US.

Looking For a Change?

We’re still big fans of Paypal but unfortunately their verification process can make it extremely difficult for even impossible for us to pay some countries. That’s why we’re excited to be able to offer Payoneer as a solution for publishers struggling to find a reliable payment method.

An explanation of the benefits of Payoneer.

Ready to make the switch? You can get started right from your PeerFly dashboard.

How to set up Payoneer payments on your PeerFly dashboard.

If you have any questions, just give me a shout!

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9 thoughts on “Payoneer Payments on PeerFly

  1. amjad

    Hello I Want help when i am Set Payoment method its create having Problem

    the said Your card Cannot Attach on Peerfly Please Try Another payoneer Card With different email Please Solve This

  2. rakib

    We are doing all kinds of marketing method and those are SEO , Google AdWord PPC, Facebook PPC, 7Search PPC, and other social media free marketing ( Tweeter, Pinterest, LinkedIn ), Email Marketing , YouTube Marketing , Banner Ad, Pop Up etc. We are very much about our dedicated marketing and we do not do fraud . We just got approved CPA Lead …… . But we hear about you and we decide that we will work with you. So if you let us then that will be great and appriciateble.

  3. Mohsin waheed

    I have a peerfly account but when ever I want to attach my Payoneer card with it, it gives me error. What’s the solution to this problem.

  4. Ricardo Rodríguez

    Hello Peerfly
    I need to change my payment method to payoneer. I got my Payoneer card a few days ago, but it will not let me change my method check to Payoneer. The error message is the follow:

    The name on your Payoneer acount does not match the name on your PeerFly account.

    Please I need your help!


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