Hurricane Matthew: Office Update and Relief Project

October 11th, 2016

On behalf of everyone at PeerFly, I wanted to thank all of our publishers and clients for their thoughts and well wishes as we faced Hurricane Matthew. We made the decision to close our office last Friday to allow our staff to ride out the storm safely at home. Predicted to be a category 4 even by the time it passed over our central Florida office, we definitely spent more than a few nervous hours refreshing

You might remember this image from our office closure email:

Hurricane Matthew's Path to the PeerFly Office

Hurricanes are notoriously unpredictable. Fortunately for us, Hurricane Matthew swung out further east than forecasted and Gainesville dodged the worst of the storm.

Relief for Haiti

Others were not as fortunate as we were. Hurricane Matthew is already responsible for over 1,000 deaths in Haiti and as the flooding continues, the devastation grows.


On Friday, October 14th PeerFly will donate all proceeds from Cash Flow requests to UNICEF’s relief efforts.

Please consider assisting us by requesting an early payment here. Not sure if you’re eligible? More information can be found on our blog.



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