Interview with an Offer: TruthFinder

July 28th, 2016

We’re back this month with July’s iteration of PeerFly’s featured offer series, this month we’re going to find out more about TruthFinder!


Screenshot of TruthFinder's landing page.

TruthFinder is a property of Instant Checkmate, a name that might sound familiar to many of you. It allows users to search public records for information on a potential date, a new neighbor or even on themselves. It pays out $36.00 per valid purchase. Check it out on PeerFly here:

(#24858) TruthFinder

TruthFinder Phone Lookup

TruthFinder Phone Lookup's landing page.

TruthFinder also offers a phone lookup service called TruthFinder Phone Lookup. Users can enter the phone number of an unknown caller to find out if it belongs to an old friend or a debt collector but Phone Lookup’s most successful angle has been infidelity; search the strange number on bae’s phone and find the identity of his Becky with the good hair.  Truthfinder Phone Lookup pays out $11.00 for a valid purchase, find it on PeerFly here:

 (#26920) TruthFinder Phone Lookup

Interview with TruthFinder

Instant Checkmate always provides excellent targeting information, let’s see that they had to say about TruthFinder!

Q1: Who is your ideal customer?

Women aged 35 – 54 typically perform the best.

TruthFinder target market and demographics.

Q2: What sets TruthFinder apart from other similar record search tools?

TruthFinder is brought to you by the makers of Instant Checkmate, the leading background check company. We split test and optimize the funnel on a daily basis so that the offer performs the best it possibly can for our partners

Q3: It looks like you suggested a few different angles for our publishers’ campaigns (reputation management, curiosity, sex offender monitoring, online dating). Is one of those more successful than the others?

Self search is our largest angle as most users search for themselves. Example: “Forget ‘Googling’ Your Name, This Site Has it All (Photos)”

Q4: What are your top creatives?

Amateur female models in various poses in native style ads tend to perform the best. Stock photos do not perform as well. Below are a few examples of top performing headlines:

  • Type in your name (or anyone’s), this site is so addicting
  • Ever Googled Yourself? Do a “Deep Search” Instead (Photos)
  • Search your first and last name on this site, then brace yourself (pictures and more!)

Q5: What are your top traffic sources?

Native, Social, Google Display Network

Q6: Do you see good results with bloggers? If so, what type of blogs?

Yes, any blogs about crime, reputation management, social justice or privacy could work well.

Q7: What is your overall CR? EPC?

The average CR and EPC depends on the traffic source of course, but the general averages are listed below:
TruthFinder Avg. CR: 1%
TruthFinder Avg. EPC: $0.60 – $1.00+

We’ll be back in August with another addition of our featured offer series. Have a question you would like asked or a suggestion on an offer? Let us know!

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