Interview With An Offer: Fiverr!

May 4th, 2016

Welcome to our inaugural Interview With An Offer post! We’re going to feature a different offer we see potential and scalability in each month with some great insights from our clients and even a few tips from us. To kick things off, we selected Fiverr!

About Fiverr

PeerFly has worked with Fiverr since 2012, it’s actually one of our oldest offers. We have the offer split into a tier one country version (United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and Israel) as well as a second all-country offer.

Find Fiverr for T1 Geos.
Find Fiverr for All Countries.

Fiverr allows Social PPC, Banner Display, PPV/CPV and Contextual with a payout of $15.50 on the T1 version and $15.00 for the all-country version. Both offers convert on first time purchase of a gig. The cost to consumer is, you guessed it, $5.00.

Deep Linking

One feature that makes Fiverr unique is that it supports deep linking. That means you can set up a custom affiliate link pointing directly to a specific page on It’s pretty easy to set up.

Find the gig you would like to point your traffic to and copy the link.

Step 1

Then paste it into the deep link generator.

Step 2

Just hit “Create Fiverr Link,” scroll down and grab your new link by clicking “Get Trkur Link.”

Step 3

At this time, only our tier 1 country Fiverr offer supports deep linking. Our all-country offer does include over 30 alternate landing pages for niches like logo design, copy editing and AutoCad 2D. Still don’t see what you need? Let your AM know and we’ll do our best to get it added!

Demographics, Targeting and More!

We had a great conversation with the folks at Fiverr about what they see working on their end. Here’s what they had to say:

Q: 1. What is the age range of your best customers? Is there a male/female skew for your primary customers?
Most of the customers are millennials, split evenly between males and females.

Q: 2. Are their any specific countries, regions, states, or cities that would be best to target?
The best performing geos are USA, Canada and UK. We have a lot of in-house promotions in these regions, including Radio, TV, billboards, conferences etc.

Q: 3. What promotion type do you see the most success with (display, media buys, contextual, social, etc)?
We see great results with content/media buy traffic, people who read an article/blog-post on Fiverr are far more likely to convert. Social media shows higher then average conversion rate as well.

(Have you checked out PeerFly’s new social media guidelines?)

Q: 4. What percentage of conversions are coming from mobile traffic?
Our apps are geared towards Fiverr’s sellers so we don’t see much mobile traffic.

Q: 5. Have you had any success with blogs? If so, what type?
YES! blogs are a major source for us. Any business oriented niche is performing well.
A few examples of blogs topics that are working well: Music business (promoting, editing, mastering etc). Affiliate’s business (create banners, LPs, blog mentions etc), arts and crafts (usually people are using Fiverr for shortcuts for their projects), anything entrepreneurial, any editing relating topics (photo editing, music editing, copy editing, resume editing etc.)

Q: 6. What are the Conversion Rates and EPCs you’re seeing on the campaign?
Around 2% click-to-FTB (first time buyer).

Ready to set up your own Fiverr campaign? Let your affiliate manager know if you have any questions! We’ll be back next month with a new offer and more great intel. See you in June!

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