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February 24th, 2016

As an affiliate manager, one of the most common questions I’m asked is whether an offer requires approval and the answer to that is pretty simple – probably not. Most of the time you can grab your affiliate link, take a look at the offer restrictions and get started. We do have some offers that require permission to run at request of the client, let’s go over how you can apply for access.

Does The Offer Require Approval?

To reiterate, most of the the time the answer to that question is no. You’re always welcome to reach out to your AM if you have any questions about allowed methods, conversion points or just need some traffic advice but it’s not necessary that you let us know every time you’re planning to get started with a new offer. If approval is required, there will be a field to apply where your affiliate link is ordinarily located.


Why Was My Request Denied?


We do have a few offers only interested working with more established publishers but fortunately, we usually just need to confirm that your marketing methods are compliant with what the offer allows. If your request was denied, it was likely due to the information provided. In the next section, I’ll go over how to make sure you’re properly explaining how you plan to promote offers.

How Do You Plan to Promote This Offer? No, Really.

We most frequently deny offer requests because the methods supplied either don’t match what is allowed or don’t explain how and where the offer will be promoted. Here are a few questions to keep in mind when composing your request:

  • How exactly do you plan to promoting this offer?
  • What will your ad-copy state?
  • What’s the link to your landing page or website?

Let’s take a look at some examples of common requests:


Sorry, but “PPC” doesn’t give us enough information to approve your request. Search PPC? Social PPC? What’s the name of the traffic source?


Please make sure you include a link to your website if you’re applying to promote offers there.


Success! Now we can approve your request and make some money!

Remember, if you’re ever unsure on restrictions or allowed methods your affiliate manager is happy to help clear up any questions you might have. Don’t be a stranger!

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  1. Christopher

    Great information to know before I get started as one of your affiliate marketers. I hope to bring a higher level of service and success to your client’s and your company, in our journey together.
    Thank you.


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