Instant Checkmate Offer Demographics and Promotion Info

September 23rd, 2015

   The Instant Checkmate offers (often referred to as ICM) have been some of the top campaigns on PeerFly for a while. Our Affiliate Management Team gets asked a ton of questions about the campaigns, so we wanted to provide you with all of the info we could gather to help make your ICM promotion a success. Check out the demographic and promotion information below, and feel free to reach out to your AM with any other specific questions.

Instant Checkmate Basic Info

  • Payout is based on a Valid Credit Card Submit
  • Allows Social, Display, Search, PPV, Contextual
  • US Traffic Only
  • Site is mobile optimized
  • No Incent or Co-Reg Traffic Allowed
  • You Must Never Advertise Instant Checkmate For A Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) Purpose


5            Cost To Consumer

  • Conversion occurs upon a Valid CC Submit
  • CPA is the same regardless of membership package the user signs up for
  • Cost to User is:
  • $22.86/ mo for Monthly Membership (continuity)
  • $44.58/ 3 mo for the 3-Month Membership (continuity)
  • $59.16/ 6 mo for the 6-Month Membership (continuity)
  • $1, 5-day trial and $29.63/mo afterwards (continuity)

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

  • The FCRA is a United States federal law that regulates the collection and use of consumer information
  • Instant Checkmate takes diligent measures to not be a “Consumer Reporting Agency” as defined under the FCRA
  • Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA): An entity that collects and provides information about consumers that is used or expected to be used for a FCRA purpose, including employment screening, landlord-tenant screening, or eligibility for credit
  • Traditional examples of CRAs are companies that compile and maintain files about individual consumers for purposes of:
  • Check Screening/ Check History (ex. Telecheck)
  • Payday Lending (ex. DataX)
  • Auto/ Property Insurance (ex. Insurance Information Exchange)
  • Supplementary/ Alternative Credit Reports (ex. CoreScore Credit Report)
  • Utilities History (ex. National Consumer Telecom and Utilities Exchange)
  • Rental History (ex. Tenant Data Services)
  • Medical History (ex. IntelliScript by Milliman Inc.)
  • Employment History (ex. Hire Right)
  • Credit History (ex. Equifax, Experian, TransUnion)
  • However, a company that only provides public records (e.g., court records) may still be determined to be a CRA if it provides information about consumers that is used or expected to be used for a FCRA purpose
  • Instant Checkmate and the information it provides may only be used to look someone up for a non-FCRA purpose
  • To ensure that Instant Checkmate is not a CRA, it is critical that:
  • ICM and affiliates NEVER market Instant Checkmate as being available for a FCRA purpose
  • Advertising is strictly prohibited for these purposes
  • i.e., employment background check, landlord-tenant screening, determining eligibility for credit, etc.
  • Negative Search and Display keywords are in place to prevent ICM to be displayed for FCRA purposes
  • This must be in place for all Google, Yahoo, and Bing traffic
  • Consumers must be deterred from using ICM for a FCRA purpose
  • Instant Checkmate requires users to affirmatively agree they will not use ICM for a FCRA purpose
  • Throughout the funnel this is reinforced through the use pop-ups, check-boxes, and disclaimers on the website

9Examples of Approved Uses

  • Reputation Management – Wasn’t That Expunged?!
  • Your sensitive information is publicly available
  • See what others can easily find out about you with a simple search
  • Curiosity – You’ll be SHOCKED!!
  • Check your FB friends criminal records
  • Check celebrities, family, friends, neighbors, business associates
  • Sex Offender Monitor – Are Your Kids Safe?!
  • Which of your neighbors is a sex offender?
  • Give yourself Peace of Mind
  • Online Dating/Meeting New People – He Seemed So Sweet!
  • Protect yourself






Travis is a dedicated member of the PeerFly Team, working primarily in the Business Development Department. He has been involved in the Online Advertising & Marketing Industry since 2007.

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