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March 18th, 2015

A few weeks ago, we asked our publishers to complete a short survey to help us identify the ways we could improve PeerFly and one response we noticed was a call to streamline the creative approval process. We heard you! You may have already noticed the new “Custom Creatives” tab on your offer pages. The process is pretty simple but let’s go over how it works.

1. Why We Approve Creatives 

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It may seem like an extra step, but creative approval is one of our most important compliance policies. Our clients often have the advantage of an in-house legal team to vet the banners and landing pages you see provided on PeerFly. Since that’s not a resource typically available to publishers, we have you send your creatives to us to make sure you stay out of hot water. Even things like word usage or non-compliant images can lead to legal repercussions in rare cases.

2. How To Submit Creatives

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The “Custom Creatives” tab is now located on the offer page right next to “Similar Offers.” If you’re submitting a landing page, just enter the link and hit “Submit.” Make sure to include https:// before the address!

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Need to send in a banner? Just choose the file, upload and submit it. We’re not accepting .zip files at this time so just upload as many as you need.

3. Managing Your Creatives 

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After your creatives are submitted, they’re moved into our approval queue for us to look over. Once yours are processed, you’ll get an email letting you know you’re good to go. If your creatives are denied, we’ll let you know why so you can update them and re-submit.

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 1.56.43 PM

You can also check you approval status on the offer page.


Lauren Hostert

I'm an Affiliate Manager at

15 thoughts on “Custom Creative Approval

  1. Liz

    Uploading each banner one by one is not fun. Can you change the way the upload works so multiple images can be uploaded at once?

  2. Felix Torres

    Good Afternoon Lauren,

    Just getting started with PeerFly again after a long skill development hiatus.

    Glad to see that we can submit landers and banners directly for approvals via the workflow you described.

    Should make things infinitely simpler.

    Many Thanks and Best Wishes,


  3. Hengki

    Is there no possibility to use facebook groups for getting leads? I see there are some potential of leads there, but custom creative doesn’t seem to provide it.

  4. orna kayzerman

    Thant you for approving me. I’m very excited to start working with you.

    I’m Hope to succeed in PeerFly
    Thank’s again
    orna kayzerman

  5. Meera huma

    Could you help me understand the policies of what to add and what to remove from the landing page, as my landing pages have been denied for several reasons each time i make one, and each time there is a new reason for it to be denied.

    1. Lauren Hostert Post Author

      The changes required are noted in the denial email you’re sent. If you’re unclear, please respond to the email for clarification.


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