PeerFly Ranked #1 With Prosper 202 Users!

November 26th, 2014

Third party tracking tools are an integral part of scaling affiliate marketing campaigns so we were excited to learn that more PeerFly publishers are using Prosper 202 than any other network!

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We’ve tried to make integrating a tracking platform as easy as possible on PeerFly with self-serve options to add a sub ID, place your postback and even fire a test lead.

Passing a Sub ID

One of the most common problems our Publishers run into with their Prosper set up is forgetting to pass placeholder sub IDs. Without them, we can’t pass back your stats so it’s important to make sure they’re correct. Prosper’s placeholder sub IDs are:


Use the fields provided on the offer page to correctly append the variables for you:

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Setting Up Postback

Prosper offers both a tracking pixel and postback option. We’ve found that global postback is a little more accurate than placing a pixel – plus you only have to set it up once! You can place your link using the Global Postback tab on your Publisher dashboard:

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Once you have your global postback link, you just need to pass our placeholder variables into your link and hit “Submit.” Our variables are:

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Prosper will generate a link that looks something like: …static/gpb.php?amount=&subid=

With our placeholders added, your link would look like: …static/gpb.php?amount=%commission%&subid=%subid1%

Fire a Test Lead

You can fire a test conversion straight from PeerFly’s dashboard! The Conversion Tester can be found in the green “Tools” menu on any offer page. It’s now even easier to use, simply input your tracking link from Prosper into the field and submit. You should see a lead on both PeerFly and Prosper 202.

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Not tracking? There are a few trouble shooting steps that might help you correct the issue you’re having. You can find a blog post on using the Wizard here.

Check Out Luke’s Blog!

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Still stuck? Luke has a blog post on setting up a PeerFly campaign on Prosper that’s been a ton of help to our publishers, you can find it here.

Make sure to checkout the full article on Prosper 202’s blog and let us know how we can help you get started!


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