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October 14th, 2014

We’ve recently launched a new approach to alternate payment schedules, offering quicker payments based on the offer. Once you’ve received your first payment, you’ll be able to easily sort offers based on supported payment schedules and request one right from your dashboard!


Search By Schedule

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After you’ve received your first NET30 payment, you will be given the option to search by offers based on payment schedule from the Search Offers page. Not sure what you’re searching for? Here’s a full break down:

Weekly Payments
Weekly payments for this offer are paid out on Wednesday for the previous week Monday-Sunday.

Weekly Net15
Weekly Net15 payments for this offer are paid out on Wednesday of each week for your earnings up to 15 days prior.

Net 7 payments are made on the 7th of each month for the previous months earnings.

Net15 payments are made on the 15th of each month for the previous months earnings.

Net30 (default)
Net30 payments are made at the end of each month for the previous months earnings. For example, you are paid at the end of July for your earnings from June as long as you passed the minimum payment threshold on your account in the month of June.


Request a Schedule

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Now you can request a quicker payment schedule right from your dashboard. From the Offer Tools drop-down, just select “Apply For A Faster Schedule”

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That will bring up a pop up that will show you the fastest schedule the available, then you can go ahead and submit your request.


Manage Your Payment Schedules

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We’ve added a new menu option under Payments to help you stay organized. Under “Payment Schedules,” you can view a list of offers you’ve had an alternate schedule approved for, those that are still pending, and any that are denied. You can also find a full breakdown of the schedules we offer so you’re always aware of what time period your earnings came from.


Cash Flow

If the offer you’re promoting isn’t eligible for quicker payments, don’t forget you can still request Cash Flow anytime after you’ve met your $50 threshold! We have coupons available, feel free to reach out to your Affiliate Manager.


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    1. rikkumz

      The same thing happened on my account as well. I assume it is just a byproduct of upgrading to the new payment schedule and everything will be back to normal soon.


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