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October 29th, 2013

If you were an publisher, you may have noticed some big changes on PeerFly – we’ve added all of our incent offers to your PeerFly dashboard. Now you can use one login to view all stats, offers and payment info, sweet!

Interested in running incent offers but didn’t have an account? You can apply here.

We’ll be publishing some more specific guides and case studies in the coming weeks, but for now here’s an explanation of our allowed incentive marketing methods.

Content Locking

Content locking is probably the most common source of incentive traffic, and we’re happy to provide a locker maker right here on PeerFly. The guidelines are pretty simple:
1. You must own the content.
2. The content must be legal and available for you to lock.
Some examples of this would be a site that you’ve created, an article you’ve written or a video you’ve made.

Soft Incent

Soft incent means users are completing offers in return for a reward that does not have monetary value. For example: coupon codes or contest entires.

Points Incent

When using points incent, those points would equate to some cash value. An example of that would be SwagBucks, a popular website where users complete surveys in return for giftcards.

Virtual Currency

Virtual currency points have no value outside the venue where they are earned. In-game currency or items, extended access or account upgrades would all be examples of virtual currency.

We’re excited to see Publishers start running traffic on our newest Peer! If you’re a traditional PeerFly publisher and would like to apply for incent access, you can get started here:

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5 thoughts on “Incent Offers on PeerFly

  1. Randy Weldon

    I would like to become an affiliate of Peerfly… I’m running a bunch
    of promotions..getting a lot of click-thru’s..but NO Money!!
    What kinda deal is that..LOL! Could you help?


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