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August 15th, 2013

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Making sure that your promotion methods are aligned with the ones that we allow on PeerFly is the best way to keep your account out of trouble. Every offer has its own restrictions, here’s some information on our most common.

Classified Ads

Traffic from classified ads sites such as Craigslist or USFreeAds is not allowed on PeerFly.


Promoting offers with mobile web traffic is fine as long as the offer allows it, and is popular with our publishers. However, we do not allow any offer to be sent out via SMS/text messaging services. Interested in running mobile traffic through PPC? Talk to your AM for some tips!


Due to past issues with spam, we do not allow any offer to be promoted via Twitter. We will keep you informed with any updates to this policy as our industry changes.


Co-reg, short for co-registration, can be confusing. Basically, users should never be opting in to more than one offer at a time or be required to invite friends to continue. With the majority of paid traffic sources, co-registration isn’t something that you’re going to encounter.

LIMITED Facebook

If an offer allows Social PPC, you’re free to promote it on Facebook through their paid advertising platform. We’ve recently started to allow publishers promote on approved fan pages, handled on a case-by-case basis.

Some general guidelines to consider:

  • Fan pages need to be about a specific topic – Golden Retrievers, NFL Football, Traveling to Paris. Personal pages are not allowed.
  • Offers must be relevant to the page’s content.
  • Offers cannot be direct linked to PeerFly.

If you would like to submit your page for approval, send a link and a sample of your ad copy to your Affiliate Manager!

Facebook Groups

With the launch of Sale Groups last year, Facebook groups have definitely grown in popularity. However, due toΒ the potential for abuse we’ve mostly stayed away from them. If you own a Facebook group that you would like to monetize with affiliate offers, please contact your Affiliate Manger. No Facebook group promotion without written approval from PeerFly is allowed at this time.

What about Instagram?

As April 2016, we have revised our social media guidelines to allow a limited amountΒ of traffic from Instagram.

We allow traffic from Instagram on a case-by-case, approval basis. Our guidelines can be found:

  • Offers may not be direct linked to PeerFly. You may set up a custom tracking domain.
  • Offers may not be promoted in comments.
  • You may not tag other users in promotional imagesΒ (posts intended to drive users to PeerFly offers).
  • The number of promotional images posted per day should be limited, pages should balance promotional images with non-marketing content.
  • Any offer mentioned on Instagram must allow Social PPC.
  • Email submits may not be promoted on Instagram.
  • All Instagram campaigns must be approved by your Affiliate Manager before going live

Check out our updated social media guidelines here!

NO Trademark Bidding

Trademark bidding refers to the keywords you bid on in a PPC campaign, and some offers do allow it. When they don’t, that means that you cannot bid on that advertiser’s trademarked product name but you can still include it in your adcopy. If you have any questions about what constitutes a trademark, let us know.

More information on our trademark bidding policies can be found here.

Forums and Blog Comments

We don’t allow offers to be posted within forums, or as comments on blogs or social media sites.

Offline Marketing

We allow offline marketing on a case-by-case basis. If you have an idea for a campaign, feel free to send your creatives and a description of your campaign to your affiliate manager and we’ll do our best to get it approved!

The Word “Free”

Since most of our offers require participation, it’s important that you don’t promote them as free or at no cost. Both advertisers and networks are cracking down, so make sure you’re compliant!

Lauren Hostert

I'm an Affiliate Manager at PeerFly.com.

156 thoughts on “Disallowed Traffic Methods

    1. jose manuel perez

      gracias estoy entusiasmado con peerfly es una muy buena empresa espero poder ser un grano de arena que pueda aportar

      1. Lenin Meneses

        hola Jose Manuel Perez, tu corres esta oferta. Segun tus comentarios veo que te va bien . Conviertes muy bien. Como lo haces…?. Tu Skype, por favor

  1. Shahid Shafiq

    its nice to be a part will take some time to understand and learn these rules and plan my approach accordingly


    1. Lauren Hostert Post Author

      Hi David. Did you have an Incent.ly account? You should be able to view incent offers on PeerFly now. If you did not have an Incent.ly account, will be able to apply for our incent peer shortly. πŸ™‚

      1. Neo

        Hi Lauren I have a question. I would like to promote online dating offers which are allowed in South Africa at an Online dating convention. Can I do that offline through a direct marketing campaign or am I going to have to place Banner ads online and direct the prospects I meet there to my Banner?

      2. Rehan Mehmood

        hi Lauren, i am new in here as i was aproved my account but i the start i am very confused that which ofer give me best conversion or which ofer i select to start my work. can u help me about it??? i am very thankful to you.
        I have one more question that i am daily user f reddit a fast growing social media network.. SO can i promote any offer from it?

  2. Evan

    I’m assuming disallowed meaning no direct linking of offer via disallowed traffic yeah?

    If I have a website (with links / banners to offer) that gets traffic thru the list of disallowed traffic, is it still ok?

  3. Iceisnice

    When you say “We don’t allow offers to be posted within forums”, does that just mean that you can’t direct link to an offer from a forum? Can you link from a forum to a site which has a link to the offer on the site?

    1. Angela

      Iceisnice: did you find out about your forum question? I thought we could link to a site which links to the offer, just as you state, but the verbiage above is a bit confusing. Thanks.

  4. Stan Cahn

    I am using a wordpress plugin called trustjacker. We pull popular articles and post on social media like facebook or stumbleupon.

    When a surfer looks at the article, a popup appears at the end which would have a CPA offer. While they are accessing the article on FB or stumbleupon, they are being redirected to my website, which contains the article and the popup.

    Could this be permissible.

    1. Daniel Moore

      I too would like to know how the policies of a redirect to offers from relevant traffic is affected with this method. Although I’m sure that the advertisers are really looking for publishers to crank out sites and use seo for the organic traffic they aren’t targeting from long tail keywords. It’s an interesting question, I would like to hear more about.

    2. Joseph Quinn

      I was thinking of getting trust jacker so I would also like to know if that method of traffic is allowed. I think the concept of the plugin is genius. It allows you to leverage the authority of big name sites to gain trust and as a result increases your conversions.

  5. Avishek kumar Singh

    Will always compliant with the traffic methods.

    I have successfully completed the application process and I am eagerly waiting for my approval….

    I am literally ‘ExCiTeD’ to look inside my PeerFly account! πŸ™‚

  6. kumar

    i want to create a review site for a say product abc, by name abcreview.com
    my doubt is – under not allowed method – below sentence is given
    “No Trademarks in Domain Names or Social Media Usernames”
    What that mean – can I not create a domain name abcreview.com?

    Kindly reply ASAP

  7. Richard E

    I am new to this. I am providing a free newsletter on healthy weight loss to patients of mine. Is it ok to use the link to the calorie counter on my thank you page?

    1. Lauren Hostert Post Author

      Hi there,

      Adding offers to a Thank-You page is fine as long as it appears as a banner and allows display. For clarification on a specific offer, please contact your Affiliate Manager. πŸ™‚

      1. Samuel Bates

        i Lauren, it’s me and I’m back and ready to do business. Your response regarding placing offers on banners intrigues me.

        Can you elaborate more on the use of offers on banners?

        I have just created some fanpages and the idea of placing banners on those pages with offers theron.

        thank you.

      2. Lauren Hostert Post Author

        Hi Samuel,
        We allow promotion on Facebook fanpages on a case-by-case, approval basis. You can find our guidelines listed here. Feel free to shoot me an email if you have any more questions!

  8. Nadir

    Hello Dear!
    I am just shocked to read this page. If a publisher is not allowed to use banner ads and social networking or links redirections then how is it possible to get traffic? Just by personal conversations? I am confused about co-work.

    1. Lauren Hostert Post Author

      Hi there,

      Please take a look at this blog post detailing the types of traffic we allow. If you have any questions, your Affiliate Manager will be happy to address them.

  9. javier

    Hello I’m new and I’m hoping that I discharged from PeerFly. I hope to learn much see that there are people who know a lot hope to become like them a hug to all and thanks for all your questions so learn

  10. Jessica Wang

    Hi all just joined and I am using lead impact as traffic. Please give me some tips on this. Actually just hope to make more friends in the Internet Marketing arena.

  11. Home Decor Liquidators

    What about Youtube? if i use video then submit on Youtube to promote the products, is that allowed?

  12. Dio

    Hello. I running a real estate classified ads website. I’m allowed to promote some of your offers? (banners)
    Thank you

    1. Lauren Hostert Post Author

      Can you go ahead and email your AM your website? We’ll be able to address it best that way. πŸ™‚

    1. Lauren Hostert Post Author

      Hi Stan,

      We’re not currently accepting new email placement but make sure to check back in a few months!

  13. truptu

    Thanks for sharing this information. Now i know how to promote this product online. Thanks for sharing this very important information here.

  14. khaiez


    For advertising through Facebook ads, can we link it to Peerfly directly by using the link?


  15. David Manquez

    Hello I have just seen this on one offer:
    – Incent Traffic is Not Allowed
    – SMS Traffic is Not Allowed
    – WIFI is Not Allowed

    What does it mean WIFI is not allowed? Can you tell more about that?

  16. Sleevee

    Hello just want to know if I can use YouTube video to promote a dating offer then place my website with the video,with my website carrying the peerfly link with a different domain using email marketing

    1. Lauren Hostert Post Author

      Can you email me an example of what you’re talking about? I’ll take a look. It’s Lauren @ PeerFly.com. πŸ™‚

  17. Bruce

    I am new to peerfly and I was just trying to set up my first facebook affiliate ad campaign and every link that I copy and paste into facebook ads says that facebook will not allow the link. is there a way to filter out the offers that are not allowed to be on facebook. every offer I have looked at so far has said “limited facebook”

    1. Lauren Hostert Post Author

      Limited Facebook means that if an offer allows Social PPC, you can promote it with paid Facebook ads. Facebook won’t accept a direct link, so you can cloak your link or create a custom landing page.

      1. Rhan

        Just want to clarify this:

        * FB pages with 10.000+ fans allowed to promote offer via their status/timeline and paid FB ads

        * FB pages with <10.000 fans just allowed to promote via paid FB ads

        Is that correct?

      2. Lauren Hostert Post Author

        If your Facebook fanpage has more than 10,000 likes, you can send it to your AM to be approved. More information can be found here. If you’re planning to use an unpublished post, we just need to take a look at the fanpage you’re planning to use to make sure it doesn’t violate the client’s brand. πŸ™‚

  18. Timothy

    I understand that these disallowed traffic sources can’t be used for direct linking to offers but what about using some of these traffic sources to send traffic to a blog, website, or landing/squeeze page with banner or contextual ads? Would this be accepted since it would not be directly linking to the offer?

    1. Lauren Hostert Post Author

      If you’ve created a landing page specifically for an offer, you would need to send traffic with a method it allows. Please feel free to email your landing to myself or your AM if you have any questions about your situation. πŸ™‚

    1. Lauren Hostert Post Author

      Hi there,

      If your offer appears in a pop up, that would be considered PPV. If you’re using text links on a blog or through a contextual network like 50onRed, that would be considered contextual.

  19. emeline

    hi, lauren
    may i check with you what if i am using facebook paid ads but using direct linking Using my affiliate ‘s link is it allowed ? what it means by (Offers cannot be direct linked to PeerFly.) if it is not allowed , you mean i have to create a landing page using my own ?

    1. Lauren Hostert Post Author

      It’s not required that you create a custom landing page but Facebook won’t accept a direct link. You can set up a iframe or meta refresh to cloak your link. πŸ™‚

  20. kalu

    Pls, i need more clarification on the issues of social Media, I created a forum and a fan-page in facebook and in the fan-page i’m had much fans and in the forum also which i am the adm of such rooms.. And i’m planning of boosting it to get more, now my question is can i go and promote my offer in some of the fan-page and forum group i created in facebook.

    Thank you Lauren.

    1. Lauren Hostert Post Author

      Can you email me a link to the sites you’re interested in adding offers to? I’ll take a look – Lauren @ PeerFly.com

    1. Lauren Hostert Post Author

      Content locking means that you would require users to complete an offer to gain access to content that you own. πŸ™‚

  21. josh iacoban

    if an offer has “limited facebook” as ” not allowed” can I still use the direct offer link from peer fly to put on facebook or do I need a landing page of some sort.

    1. Lauren Hostert Post Author

      Our “Limited Facebook” caveat means that you can promote offers with paid Facebook ads as long as they allow Social PPC.

  22. Viktor

    Yes, to become useful!
    Before starting work you need to learn the rules
    It is a pity that the site is in the Russian Federation enjoyed with caution
    Well we try to justify, working carefully and honestly!


    Lauren Hostert ,
    Thanks for your nice post.
    I just luckily reach ur blog after completed ur application for the first time. Pls, my application has been submitted for review. All I want is that, I am ready to comply with the entire rules. Any ad method accepted by the Advertisers, so far I have being on Internet marketing more than five years, any approved/allowed method will not be my problem. Pls, help me reach the REVIEW department with this post. It is very important due to some errors that might likely made during application.
    God bless you.

  24. Olumide

    I just got my account approved today and this guide has really helped me so much in considering the marketing methods to use and the ones to avoid. I have reasons to believe that i will do will here.

  25. unknown

    i have been running ads but my conversions are not showing up .. am I doing something wrong? the clicks show ut when someone actually completes the offer it does not show the conversion so i am wondering why?

  26. Derek

    I’m looking at an offer that only has one option under allowed (content locking) but only a few options under disallowed.

    There are a bunch of options that aren’t showing under either allowed or disallowed, such as Social PPC, Contextual, etc… can we advertise through these means?



    1. Lauren Hostert Post Author

      Hi Josh. We don’t work with much Instagram traffic but if you would like to email your page and the ad copy you’re planning to use to your AM, we’ll do our best to get it approved!

  27. PS

    If a campaign mentions a traffic method like PPV/CPV in the “Not allowed” category whereas Banner traffic is allowed, does this mean simply that no CPV traffic should be given to the affiliate link of the actual offer page? Or does this also prohibit the publisher from inserting this campaign’s banners on pages that get CPV traffic? After all, in such a situation the traffic that goes to the actual offer page will be banner traffic based on users clicking the banner (even if the users come via CPV traffic).

  28. Marquis Gittens

    I am a member for some time now but never really got started, I have a new site, can I continue by placing my previous links on my new site?

  29. Brian Hathaway

    In assembling my offer sheet, can I use any information or copy verbage from sights selling the same or similar offers.
    What misc. web site photos are allowed?
    THank you

    1. CoreyPeerFly

      We allow publishers to promote offers on YouTube as long as they are compliant with the following guidelines:

        – The offer must have Social PPC listed under Allowed Marketing.
        – You must own the rights to the video content you are promoting on.
        – The offer must be related to the video content.
        – You must use a redirect on your own domain if you are going to direct link.
        – You are not allowed to post links in the comment sections of the video, just the description and in your video.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  30. Hengki Agus Rifa'i

    Hi Peerfly, I’d like to use email marketing where I direct users to my landing page before getting into my website promoting offer. Is that okay?

    1. Lauren Hostert Post Author

      Sorry, but until we allow email marketing this would not be allowed. Please feel free to reach out to your AM for some traffic suggestions!

  31. 20DM.nl

    Lauren, im trying to hit you up on skype many times but you dont seem to respond. I could use some input on waht offers to use, pls get back to me

  32. Jose Lopez

    Hi Guys, can these overs be used with overlay marketing? I have a service that allows people to put advertising messages over high authority websites. Lets say I found an article that has high authority on Omega 3 and can actually add a marketing message on that site that display Omega 3 to drive traffic to my own site or landing page. Or I can even drive that traffic to a squeeze page to increase my email list.

  33. Sunil Chaudhari

    Its nice to be a part of this network. Will take some time to understand and learn these rules and plan my approach accordingly

  34. Justin

    How about if the offer itself uses the word “Free”, can we still not use the “Free” for PPC or any other campaigns?

      1. VeeJay006

        Hi Luke,

        What about buying Banner Ad spaces on relevant forums and direct linking to the offer? Is this allowed?

  35. ntsikelelo Nogxina

    Hi Luke

    I am planning to use the PPV network to promote the offers on your Platform. is this type of traffic not allowed?. i will be buying traffic from propelmedia.com

  36. Driekus Fluit

    I am pretty new at this.
    Can someone give me a tip on wich offer to promote and how and where?
    Maybe a lead gen offer with ppv.
    I had 1 offer that was doing pretty well but it was closed after 1 day.
    Does that happen often?

    1. CoreyPeerFly

      Hi Desmond,

      Yes, as long as the type of traffic you’re sending is allowed on the offer. For example, if you’re paying for banner display with a PPC traffic source then that is fine.


      1. MRHAIMEM

        Facebook advertising palce our ads in Instagram , did we must select a specifics placements if the Instagram traffic is not allowed ?

  37. Jorge Sanchez

    en las ofertas que permiten PPV, ΒΏse puede hacer iframe con un dominio similar al producto y pujar por keywords relacionadas a otras marcas de la competencia?

  38. solomon

    i am so confuse about CREATIVE LANDING PAGE, its the one delaying to promote my offer. i really need help. I dont mind if i can see a sample one maybe it will help

  39. Rehan Mehmood

    HI i am new here and i was approved my account at Peerfly but now i am confused to start my word. can u help me which offer i am promoted in the start to earn some handsome amount of money. As i have Bing $100 in my Bing advertisement account. Thanks
    regards: rehan mehmood

  40. Hengki

    Most of my plans for promoting offers would be to make a landing page from which I direct users to the actual offer page. Would that be fine with all offers in Email Submit or SOI vertical?

    Should I always report my creatives (landing page) before promoting?

  41. Rizwan Abbasi


    Does “Approval Required” in “Advanced Search” in offers page pertains approval required for custom creative?

  42. Harleen A Nash

    Hey All!
    I just joined! I am excited about this opportunity to be financially independent. I hope this is a long a prosperous journey with Peerfly. I guess I have a lot of work to do here.

  43. patrick

    hi my question is, i am planning to create a landing page for the offer i want to promote then send traffic from facebook to that landing page so my visitors can access my affiliate link via the landing page,
    is this allowed?
    also i am planning to use my site and add a redirecting plugin so that users who click my site link from my page will be redirected to my affiliate link since facebook are not allow me to share my link on their platform.
    what do you say on this?

    1. CoreyPeerFly

      Hi Patrick,

      Using a landing page is fine as long as the offer doesn’t say otherwise in the restrictions and you send the LP to your affiliate manager for approval.


  44. pato

    Please how can i differenciate between offer that require landing page approver and offers that do not?
    also how do i contact my manager because i sent alot of message to my manager on gmail and no response

    1. CoreyPeerFly

      Hi there,

      All landing pages need to be sent in for approval on all offers. Please note that emails are generally reviewed within 1 – 3 business days.


  45. Ching Manga

    Hey i am newbie on peerfly. I have some common questions that i saw the offers and they describe differently and this blog is describe differently. In Offers, we saw allowed traffic is Social and in This Blog you do not allowed Facebook traffic. Actually i am understand and read the complete terms and conditions and i am running an online comic website. My Site includes adult comics also, So can you please tell me my site is good for the peerfly or not?

    One Last Thing I am From Japan and not good in English Skills, So I hope you understand my Issue.

    Thanks in Advanced!


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