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July 19th, 2013

On average, Americans spend almost three hours a day in front of the television and by age 65 will have seen over 2 million commercials. The TV market has long been utilized by companies to advertise their products, but did you know that many popular As Seen on TV products are available on PeerFly?

Cat’s Meow

Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 9.34.08 AM

If you’ve ever wondered why pet products are so popular, look no further than the PeerFly office – we’re all obsessed with our furry friends! Cat’s Meow is a fun, inexpensive cat toy that promises hours of enjoyment for cats and humans alike. Check it out here.



Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 9.32.42 AM

Between vacations or just extra time with the kids, summer can often mean extra time on your feet. It’s no surprise that one of our top converting offers for the last few weeks has been a massaging shoe insert. Offer allows Social PPC and Banner Display, view it on PeerFly here!



Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 11.48.57 AM

If you’ve ever shared a house with someone who snores, a product that promises to silence the nightly chainsaw routine is an easy sell. We’ve had a few snoring offers on PeerFly and they tend to do well, you can check out SnoreRX here.



Lauren Hostert

I'm an Affiliate Manager at

3 thoughts on “As Seen on TV Products

  1. Kia

    Lauren, This is so cool that Peerfly is offering “As seen on TV” products and ads. I love these sometimes you can think about a product like No No hair removal or that retractable hose after seeing them( I had that darn No No song in my head for weeks when that commercial came out…you know you heard about it on TV but have no idea where to buy it, so this offer I’m sure will help others link in on my site and others as well. Thanks Peerfly!!

  2. cindra morris

    I am a newbie, referred to you by the Newbie Forum which highly recommended your company as Newbie friendly, great support system, no experience and no technical experience required. Ok so…I hope this is right as I really am very motivated to make this work and looking for the right company to do business with in affiliate marketing and pop up, mobile phone advertising and viral-You Tube marketing techniques. I did not see if there is a charge to sign up, monthly fees ect. Please advise if your company can provide all of the types of marketing I am interested in prior to my signing up with you. Love the opportunity to do TV ads– also to help with improving conversions would love to hear from you soon and hope to have a long and profitable relationship for both of us 😉 Cindra Morris


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