PeerFly Payment Schedules

June 13th, 2013

By default, PeerFly publishers are paid on a Net30 schedule with a $50 threshold. That means that once you meet your threshold, you’re paid those earnings on the last day of the next month.

For example: if you made $85 in May, you would be sent those earnings on June 30th (give or take a day).

If you would like a higher threshold, you can adjust it under Profile, Payment Info.

Alternate Payment Schedules

Starting October of 2014, we retooled our approach to alternate payment schedules to assign them based on offer rather than total earnings. Doing volume on an offer? You can now request quicker payments straight from your dashboard. More information can be found here.

Cash Flow

Need your earnings now? You can request to withdraw funds anytime you’ve met the $50 threshold with Cash Flow! Receive funds in as little as 1, 3 or 7 days.

Payment Methods

Publishers can choose to be sent payments with the following methods:

  • PayPal (2% fee, no more than $20)
  • Payoneer (Free to transfer)
  • ACH/Direct Deposit (US only)
  • Bank Wire ($11 fee US, $22 fee international)
  • Postal Check ($5 fee outside US)

Having difficulty linking up PeerFly to your PayPal or Payoneer account? Let us know! It’s usually a simple fix.

Lauren Hostert

I'm an Affiliate Manager at

11 thoughts on “PeerFly Payment Schedules

  1. Romeo

    Hello Lauren.. Can we talk on skype? Thanks 🙂 I would like to ask u .. some advices.. if you have time.. and if u are able to help.

  2. adam

    Receive payments via Payoneer for free
    But when you request payment I found that there
    Less than one working day 25%
    Within 3 working days 22%
    Within 7 working days 19%
    How to be free

    1. CoreyPeerFly

      Hi Adam,

      The listed fees are fees for requesting an early payment through our CashFlow system, not for using Payoneer. Using Payoneer as your payment method is free.


      1. adam

        hi Corey
        But my Balance at peerfly 55 $ However, Li shows 19%
        Did you mean to press the Green button Balance Recovery
        is free ?

        Did you mean also request balance is at the beginning of the month not in the middle of the month
        or you mean end of each month for the previous months earnings.
        Corey Please clarify this point
        On any day of the month I can request payment

  3. CoreyPeerFly

    Hi Adam,

    Our NET30 payments are sent automatically at the end of the month for the previous months earnings and you do not need to make a payment request.

    You can request a quicker payment using our CashFlow payment system on any day of the month for a fee.



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