The New Publisher Area Is Live!

November 5th, 2012

Well, I feel it is time to steal Buzz Lightyear’s catch phrase: “To infinity and beyond!” PeerFly has been steadily growing and expanding since we have started in the CPA space in early 2009.


Before PeerFly’s launch, Chad (PeerFly’s fearless leader and code junkie) did not sleep, nor socialize, he only spent time building PeerFly’s custom platform. Again, much to the dismay of his wife and friends, Chad locked himself away and has put together the new look and feel of PeerFly’s publisher area that you can see and experience now. Now, just as in 2009, everything was coded in house to ensure that there were no mistakes made.


Since PeerFly’s launch in 2009, there have been over 100,000 publisher applications come through. The number of active publishers has grown exponentially as well. We have over 40,000 active publisher accounts as of this writing. With this type of growth in the number of publisher accounts, the need for a new and more robust platform for our publishers to keep track of offers, stats, and any other tracking needs they may have was definitely apparent.


With the new publisher area for PeerFly publishers, not just the looks have been updated. The system is now much more robust in the searches that can be executed, and in the way PeerFly publisher reports can be run and generated. More and more features are going to continue to be added to make this the best of all CPA platforms available!



Please log in to your account and have a look around. Feel free to let us know if there is anything that you are looking for. If you have any issues with the functionality of the site, let us know! I look forward to reading your comments below!


I started marketing online in 2009 promoting CPA offers. I have stayed in that space since and have thoroughly enjoyed it! I was approached to work as part of the PeerFly admin and have never looked back. I love what I do and who I work with!

78 thoughts on “The New Publisher Area Is Live!

  1. Indusekar

    I am glad that I am admitted to PF. I am expecting guidance from AM Davey to get started promoting CPA offers in PF.

    Wish me good luck.

  2. Andrew Peacock

    The drop down list of 26 categories, on the Offers page, is too big for my widescreen laptop, so I can’t see the bottom of the list. Other than that, looks good!


      1. Ivan

        Do the old domains still redirect to offers properly or should we now replace zillion links we posted so far?

      2. CoeyPeerFly

        They do for now, but I’d switch them over. It’s a good idea to use your domain and redirect to PeerFly. You should not be posting PeerFly links or any of our tracking domains all over the place.

  3. yordan

    great guys!! it looks very nice… but I think there is a bug.. I have 9 referrals and I dont have them listed in my refferal page which is strange..

  4. Nick

    I am using Chrome as well, the ‘dashboard-welcome’ div overlaps the content portion every time you search for offers or refresh the page. It stays there for a second, then snaps into place where it is supposed to.

    Other than this, the admin section looks good, but will take a little time to get used to.

  5. Nick

    Just found out why – the loading wheel. If your screen is not big enough, it will cause the dashboard welcome div to wrap down into the conten when the loading wheel is showing.

    I tried this on IE and it did the same thing, so it’s not a browser issue, rather a screen size issue.

    Hope this helps.

      1. Nick

        My screen resolution is 2560×1600, but I have my individual windows smaller. If the window is set at 1280 wide, then it will look fine, anything less and that div will wrap into the content of the page.

  6. jodi

    The new page doesnt display as well as the old one on an iphone, but I can manage, I do miss being able to see what you made in the last hour (it was like motivation)

    I also miss the Earnings tab, where you could see when each conversion was coming in, other than that it looks and works awesome!

  7. Svetlana

    I work through Google Chrome and your site displays badly in it. So it’s impossible to work normally in account. The previous look was better.

  8. M.Len

    I like the new look and feel. More organized and easy to find your way around. Only problem I’m having is the loading of the offers which takes a while, guess this is due to the high volume of people accessing Peerfly at once. Keep it up 🙂

      1. M.Len

        Hi CoeyPeerFly,

        I’m using chrome. Not having any more delays now, it was my internet connection that was the problem, got it fixed and all is working smoothly.

  9. Muhammad Iqbal

    I want to join Peerfly as a Publisher but If i don’t have website. Can I apply as Publisher or not?What is the requirement for joining your Network. Your reply please.

      1. Lee

        I am pretty sure he is saying he does not have a website. So can he still sign up as an affiliate marketer and sell your products? (placing the ads on social networks, forums etc etc) Just trying to help him out 🙂

  10. david

    in the old version i could search in the offers section by type. is that gone now? I hope not.for example i could hit a drop down menu and select all email submit offers.. i only seem to be able to search by keyword now.
    also when i search by keyword, i find an offer by keyword and i select one i like. then i look at the landing page . when i hit the back button, it doesnt go back to the search i had, but to the generic offers page i started at before i searched -so i lose my place and have to re-search to get back to it.
    and Yes its a little bright. But in general nice work folks. hope that helps…

      1. Anthony

        Actually I have the same issue, it does not go back to the Search.

        I start off by click on “Offers”, I click on the first one in the list “100 vouchers”, I hit the back button, and I’m back at the publisher homepage/dashboard This is my URL in the browser once I hit the back button (


      2. Anthony

        And by the “back” button I am referring to the browsers back button, not the link on the top right that says “Back”.

  11. Edward

    Awesome new layout. It could use that hover over tool tips for quick stats of the latest offers and highest converting, ect. Don’t know if I like the pic of my manager there though lol 🙂

  12. emi

    The bottom panel with Peerfly social buttons keep getting in the way.
    I don’t need to keep seeing that panel.

    I want to be able to see the different size banners side by side instead of having them appear only on mouseover.

    Please fix that.

      1. emi

        Previously, you could click on the offer in REPORTS to see the offer but now you have to manually search via the offer ID no.

        Can you bring back this function please.


  13. emi

    And I prefer the old layout. Granted it’s not as snazzy. But it works way better and definitely more functional.

    Guess style always wins over substance these days.

    Thumbs down for the new layout.

    1. CoeyPeerFly

      Thank you for the feedback. We understand that change is hard, however the old layout was no where near as functional or easy to use as our new one. The old one was too simple for our needs and it was time for an upgrade so that we could expand our feature set.

  14. jair

    I like the new site by Peerfly. nice visual, good interaction, i hope now, i can get too better results with my campaigns…

    B. Rg.


    1. CoeyPeerFly

      Hi Nathan,

      The old links work for now. You should have been (and still should be) masking our links with your own domain so that you can easily switch offers if needed. If an offer is paused, for example.

  15. Tomisla

    1. Firefox doesn’t offer me to save password.
    2. When I go in offers the check some offer I press “back” it returns me all the way to the dashboard, then I have to go all over again. I’ll have to open new tab everytime I want to check offer.
    3. Just now I wanted to post this comment, but didn’t enter email. It took me to new page saying I didn’t enter email, i clicked “back” and everything was gone. I had to type this all over again

  16. Sian

    Can you guys add filters to allow us to find offers that allow particular types of traffic (like PPV etc).

    I am getting into TrafficVance and hate finding an offer that looks great only to discover it doesn’t allow PPV … so being able to filter by allowed traffic, co-reg etc will make life easier 🙂

    Otherwise the new interface is quite cool 🙂


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