New Google Ad Format: Lightbox

October 2nd, 2012

Google has just announced that they are introducing a new ad format called Lightbox. According to Google, it is a standard ad format that will actually expand into a canvas takeover ad after the user hovers the mouse pointer over the ad. You are only charged when the ad is expanded. This should allow for you to optimize and only pay for engaged users. The ad must be hovered over for 2 seconds before the ad expands.


This has been tested internally by Google and it has been found that the “Smart Hover Feature”, as it is now being called, eliminated almost all of the accidental expansions and has increased engagement by up to 8 times! The new ads can also include a wide variety of content, YouTube videos, games, photos and much more. So far, this type of ad format is only available on the web, but, according to Google, they are working to bring this to mobile platforms as well.


So far, internal testing conducted by Google has shown a dramatic increase in interactivity and engagement. With the interaction available by these new ad units, and some creativity, this could be a major improvement over the typical ppc ads you see now on the top, bottom, and side of Google search pages.


Now, get out there and do some testing! Leave a comment and let us know what you think. If you do some testing with these ad units, please share your experience!


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