Help Us Help You – What Webinars Do You Want Us To Do?

June 8th, 2012

Hey everyone. Some of you may have noticed a few changes that have taken place at PeerFly. Others may not have noticed them yet. Stay tuned though because there are BIG things coming.

One thing that has remained consistent with PeerFly is continued growth and record breaking months and years. Each and every month has been better than any previous. We are so thankful for this and are adjusting and planning to continue this trend.

This brings me to the most important point of this post. Our growth is due to our publishers. PERIOD! We are truly thankful for our publishers and are always looking for ways to better help our publishers. We are also always looking for better services for our publishers.

That being said, we are going to start holding webinars for our publishers to help broaden everyone’s knowledge base. Here is where we need your help. Please leave comments stating what topics you guys would like to see discussed in a webinar. I really appreciate any and all feedback provided.

We look forward to hearing from you!


I started marketing online in 2009 promoting CPA offers. I have stayed in that space since and have thoroughly enjoyed it! I was approached to work as part of the PeerFly admin and have never looked back. I love what I do and who I work with!

144 thoughts on “Help Us Help You – What Webinars Do You Want Us To Do?

  1. joris

    I would be happy to get a crashcourse in facebook advertising. I know this has been covered all over the internet as I’ve read it all, but my campaigns are slightly over break-even.

    This would make me one big happy peerflyguy πŸ™‚

      1. Franto

        Maybe you would like to try and set up a web page with some special CPA offers on it … you can do this with or without providing any incentives!

  2. Caesar

    I would like to understand and know more about email marketing, building lists, promoting offers to people over and over..


    One thing that I recently talked about with you Davey on AIM .. Seo traffic, finding niches that fit your offers etc


  3. Stephen

    I am new to this type of marketing a webinars on how to use your site would be great help.
    Do and don’ts
    How to find the right product
    How many countries for each product
    What you expect from us publishers
    Thank you for accepting my application, I am looking forward to long and profitable future

  4. Bruna

    Do a webinar on media buys for begginers (small media buys) with for example with a budget of 500$. Your top publishers probably run most of the traffic from there I would imagine.

  5. Zakaria Ben Khadda

    I belive That the best webinair will be ways to build Your List whit cheap traffic or free traffic and targeted traffic
    the money in the list i hope i can make a list

  6. Acafaca

    i would like to earn more about PPC networks and the offers that convers (double is my goal) ,everything more than that is huge success. I tried couple networks (facebook PPC, 7search, bidvertiser etc ) but with no success.

  7. jim

    I am learning and would like to learn more on picking a profitable offer. Is direct linking still good or should I concentrate on landing pages. Exactly how to enter the tracking codes.
    Thank you

  8. Albert

    I guess setting up email list, email marketing strategies, how to make effective email marketing creatives, and doing media buys the right way!

    Thanks for this Guys! πŸ™‚

  9. Lila

    Thanks Peerfly Teams for all.
    I would to learn about how to get More Traffic. Techniques and ppv tactics..!

  10. Heidi Schell

    I would be so thrilled if you could hold a webinar showing a step by step way to properly advertise (where?) and how to set up a good campaign. I’ve been trying but have very little results. Thanks for offering to help!:)

  11. Velant

    I would be interested in quick course on the most effective use of peerfly:
    – choosing offers to promote based on Category, Value, EPC & CR.
    – choosing the best promotion strategy for a particular offer
    – usage of peerfly tools (setting up Backup Redirect, Tracking Pixel, Postback URL etc.)

  12. David

    I would like to see a webinar on using url and youtube scrapers for CPV networks. I would like to know if that strategy has dried up.

  13. Jorge G

    Hi Davey,

    I’d love to have webinars about social platforms ads. For example, the other day I put an ad about dating on POF, and they denied it cause they said that it was not accessible for every country that they offer. You know, this dating offer was for US and Canada. Right know I’m making a landing page for that. It’s same thing on Facebook.


  14. jugnu

    How to find successful PPC Campaign and How to start PPC Profitable Campaign with low budget.

    Best Regards

  15. Raspberry Ketone Bob

    Keyword research using Ad Intelligence 8.0 for Excel would be very useful.

    Also, a discussion of each marketing method (contextual, social, banner, etc) along with typical required budgets for each, the pros and cons etc.

  16. Cris

    I will like to know more about email marketing (do’s and don’ts) … set up a follow the right way and how to maximize profit form our list … case study.

    Media buys and how to use all the tools that you provide. Especially a lot of case study’s with the best marketing strategies right now.

  17. Denz Pogi

    adwords and other PPC networks…. Landing page approval on adwords… how to choose converting offers….. media buys

  18. Santri Jaya

    Does 7search still good for promoting cpa? if we bid higher can it be convert to sales/lead? can any one share what is the better technique if we want to use this second tier ads with direct linking thanx.

  19. Glenis

    Making landing page synch with offer page and integrating privacy, terms, disclosure etc to help improve adwords quality score

  20. khan

    Most of the time direct linking don’t work.That’s why landing page is essential specially for ppv.But for Newbies it is difficult to guess how their landing page should be, So it would be fantastic if you show us few sample landing pages for different offers and traffic sources.And what criteria or must needed things should have in a successful landing pages.

    1. Benjy

      I totally agree. I’ve been DLing most of my campaigns and not doing well with them. But I’m never sure what type of LPs will work, and therefore don’t want to waste more time taking shots in the dark. So, +1 for landing pages, not only for PPV, but all CPA offers.

  21. Allan

    That’s really great! I’m loving Peerfly conversions rate, although I still have low traffic, I’m loving it!

  22. chris wagner


  23. shane

    How about a walk through from start to finish of the whole process of picking the right product offer, ways to deploy it,market it,etc.. And then show exactly where you made money with this offer and where the traffic came from. If you show this I can mimic it..Then you can move on to list building. We need in depth details.

  24. jenise

    i’d like a webinar on which offers to start with if you’re new. how to choose the best offer and what offers work with which traffic sources the best. i’m not into paid traffic so. i’m into video marketing so i’d like to know how i should structure my videos for the best conversions with cpa offers.

  25. VGNair

    Webinar would be great for all and especially for new comers.
    Shall look for when you will have a webinar.

  26. Igor

    I would love a webinar on free traffic sources, especially ones that I likely never heard off πŸ˜‰ Never can get enough of those!

  27. Milton Olave

    One of the topics that I would like to delve a bit is in Seo for blogs, more specifically, sources of traffic.

  28. JayM

    Hi Peerfly,

    I’d like to see a webinar on redirecting urls in case the country isn’t offered the link or if the offer is disabled. Not sure how to use the subids as far as a redirect. Thanks.

  29. dacian

    i would like to see a webinar about driving traffic to an offer from all perspectives -free traffic,paid traffic etc

  30. Ben

    I would like to see training regarding traffic methods that are working now via FB, media buys, and paid traffic. Perhaps a beginning to end of setting up a campaign and driving traffic.

  31. Dennis

    Landing Page approval in adwords, bridge type issue, etc. 99% problem of affiliate. I hope at least 70% of the webinar is about this landing page approval in adwords. This issue is really annoying and made me limit myself to only 7search PPC. I think most of the affiliates also have the same problem.

  32. Richard B

    I would like to see how you guys set up tracking, because I’m getting different results between my trackers sometimes. If you could also explain what info is being transferred and how that would help. You guys are the best network IMO.

    1. Bob

      Yes, a really definitive discussion on using tools like Prosper202 with PeerFly to track performance would be awesome. This is really important – especially if you’re buying traffic, but even if you’re not. You can’t improve what you don’t measure.

  33. Lloyd Adams

    It would be nice to see how you can turn a blog into different landing pages, and when or if you should use direct linking.

    Creating a good CPA sales funnel, so we start to know really good affiliate marketing skills, and conversion skills.

    This is a great network to be in.
    Hope you people are proud.

      1. agustinus

        Ditto ! still stuck..i use POF, dont know if my campaign got converted or not..either the link i used are the link for my own ID or not..coz until now all conversion alwaysssss ZEROOOOO….pls someone help me!

  34. Mike

    Well it looks like, everyone has already picked really good topics! I am sure you guys @ Peerfly will do good with the webinars. I cant wait for them.

    Catch ya later!

  35. k.hill

    i would like to see webinars on free traffic methods and conversions to maximize that traffic. also the psychology of the click…how to get people to click on your offers and purchase.

  36. Sohan

    I would like to see a webinar about driving traffic to some hot offer from all perspectives -free traffic, paid traffic etc and want to know which traffc works best for peerfly offers.

  37. Manuel

    I would like to know more about this CPA thing and how I can promote the links to get more traffic. Thanks.

  38. Larry

    Yes, I would like to learn more like most people on traffic PPV and what system the good old boys are using…

  39. Eduardo

    I want to see a Webinar about PPC.

    How to set up profitable campaigns?

    What kind of offers are goods to promote with PPC?

    How much money to start a PPC campaign?

  40. janice

    I ‘m staying outside US, and I wish to learn about geotargeting, like how do I promote CPA offers to US Users. Thanks hope will learn this soon.

  41. Paul

    I’m interested on seeing a case study showing how to effectively drive traffic from different traffic sources to an offer.

  42. John

    What specially the top earners are doing to be successful. Amount of money they are spending, Where they are spending it, methods used. etc… etc…

    Thank you.

  43. Nitronox

    NEEDED webinar on how to optimize tracking, covering such topics as:
    – pixel placements
    – postback urls’s (why, when, how)
    – tokens (placement, why, when, how)
    – iFraming (why, when, how)
    – when to use %SUBID% in your link to carry over all SubIDs separated with a “-” OR you can use %SUBID1%, %SUBID2%, %SUBID3% individually. Using %OFFER% will carry over this offerID.
    – back office tutorials for using the 2 top tracking resources: prosper202 AND CPV Lab

    Thank you! A

  44. abdoue

    I appreciate real case studies of successful compaigns done by top 1% peerfly publishers

    thats impossible I know πŸ™‚

  45. Eileen Magee

    I hope this service continues to bring us all the important information we need in this techno world. Thank You, Eileen

  46. Best Reviewer

    Hi, I’d like to learn techniques to create a kind of contextual widget for CPA offers. One which will show offers I have selected, depending on the content of my pages.


  47. Jerry

    Definitely a webinar on ppc and ppv advertising as ppc on google can be a challenge.Facebook and POF ads also would be helpful.Maybe we could get some feed back on how mobile marketing is doing and get some ideas of whats working for others right now.

  48. Sanjia

    I would like to see a step by step start to finish beginners affilliate webinar on setting up a campaign without having your own website.

  49. Derrick

    Would like to see the best method of how to match the right type of traffic with the right offer. Also a webinar on how to spy on successful campaigns would be a great help.

  50. chris wagner

    Mobile marketing and how to scale offers that build one another. How to do good targeted demographic and psychographic targeting and what ways we can really
    reac a potential prospect to continue to bring them back.

  51. Will

    I would be interested in quick course on the most effective use of peerfly:
    – choosing offers to promote based on Category, Value, EPC & CR.
    – choosing the best promotion strategy for a particular offer
    – usage of peerfly tools (setting up Backup Redirect, Tracking Pixel, Postback URL etc.)

  52. Sunny Lindenthal

    I would like to see some tips and tracks on tracking. This topic about one of the most important parts of our work is under served. If this is set up wrong you will get false data to review and possibly not even get the deserved credit $$$. Every CPA has a different program, different shortcodes. Then if you are linking your own ads on your sites – your ad software for your site will have its own tracking rules. If you are using something like Tracking202, you have to set that up correctly to receive proper data on both its system and your CPA. I’m guilty of messing up tracking several times. Just some education on the structure of the links, different common variations and maybe even some reviews on Ad Rotate software and recommended Tracking Consolidators (tracking202), and some knowledge about some of the more popular CPAs tracking codes. Just a thought…thank you in advance and be well!

  53. Titan

    I would like to see a webinar on media buying and most importantly how to track each keyword and at which site is the ad being displayed on,I keep reading about a campaign that started as a loss yet ended up being profitable because of the “testing and twicking”, I would like to know how to test and twick through media buying

  54. Ben Moore

    Hehe i’m a little jaded but I of course would love to see more about day parting campaigns, specifically on plenty of fish.

  55. John Chuter

    Beginners webinar for “newbies” in CPA marketing as I am just trying to break into this area but I need help with the “do’s and don’ts” of CPA, there are a lot of conflicting strategies and I want to do things the right way from day one!

  56. Richard Moss

    I’d like some more instruction on redirecting URLS. About 30% of my website’s traffic is from outside the USA and I’m not sure what the non-American’s experience is really like. For example, if they click a (U.S.-only) ad expecting one thing and instead are directed to an internet gambling site, I’m sure they’ll feel deceived. How do I avoid that?

  57. Neil

    I would like to see a webinar about writing ads so that only people who are going to sign up click on the CPA ad. Reduce wasted costly clicks

  58. William (Bill) Whitney

    I have studied affiliate marketing for about a year and a half before finally plunging in feet first. I have learned a lot; however, there is yet so much to learn. Among many other things, there are some terms I am still unfamiliar with. I would like to see an overall webinar on the basics, basic terminology, and the way Peerfly works. I feel that a newbie would stand a better chance of succeeding and prospering right off the bat if they could better understand how an actual Network works, along with the meaning of the terms. Also, they may make fewer mistakes, which might make an intelligent, hard working publisher get kicked off the site, which could also make Peerfly lose an otherwise great publisher. Thanks, Bill


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