Dammit! Will This Squeeze/Landing Page Work???

June 5th, 2012


Hey everyone. It is now time to get to the nitty and gritty. Everyone one of you have the opportunity to grab some free (or damn near free depending on which country you live in) advertising credits on Bing. If you are like me, you are going to want to make the most of your free advertising and use the revenue generated to scale and build. Here is a good way to see what is working and how well it is working.

First you need to choose a vertical. Me personally, I love bizopp. The demographics for this vertical will also convert in many other verticals also. This gives you the unique opportunity to cross promote offers to them and present fresh offers to them on a regular basis. Here is a big tip for you: the bizopp demo also LOVE survey offers, coupons, daily deals, subprime loans, credit report offers, and edu offers. So, for this example I am going to use bizopp.

It has been asked over and over: “How do I know if my landing/squeeze page will work?” Well, first and foremost your page needs to be clean and well designed with the call to actions and submit form (if this is a squeeze page) above the fold. Make sure that your squeeze page exudes confidence and trust. For inspiration and ideas it is always good to see what the competition is up to. Head over to Google and type in your keywords. I am going to use “make money on the internet”.



Obviously this image is cut off. I used command/shift/4 on my Mac to select the screen area to capture. Everyone doesn’t need to see everything that I have open or my Google user name! 😉 Now, You can see that there are people that are paying to have their ads show up. I wonder what they look like? Look at the 1st result. The headline is catchy: Make $40 A Day Online Now-You Won’t Get Rich But We Do Pay. Honest, believable and straight to the point. Let’s have a look at the site.




The page is clean, professional, and confident. I like it. The benefits of this service is clearly outlined and the call to action and opt in form are above the fold. Exactly what we are looking for! BUT, how do we know if it is doing any good? glad you asked!

Head over to our trusty friend http://quantcast.com so we can do some more digging. I am going to view the traffic for the last 2 months of data that they have available which happens to be March and April of 2012. Just paste the url of the lander in and click on search.


Now the first thing you should notice before filtering to the last couple of months is this, this site has data going all the way back to October of 2011. Now, it is safe to assume that if this site has been around that long and is still reaching over 30,000 visitors monthly that they are doing something right!



Now you have an idea of what is working. You can check other sites as well to get some really good ideas on building a squeeze/landing page that will work.


Do not be a shithead and rip off other people’s work! Do your own research. Find several pages that are working and look for similarities amongst them. Once you find several similarities on these pages you should have plenty of inspiration to make your own. Seriously folks, you have no idea how much I hate it when people rip off other people’s work. Do not do that!




I started marketing online in 2009 promoting CPA offers. I have stayed in that space since and have thoroughly enjoyed it! I was approached to work as part of the PeerFly admin and have never looked back. I love what I do and who I work with!

7 thoughts on “Dammit! Will This Squeeze/Landing Page Work???

  1. Herb

    I watched the Peerfly offers and applied to become a publisher.
    I hope I can put your advice into practice soon..

  2. Phemy

    hi Davey, my understanding of your story is this is for advertiser not for publisher? if am right my next question how can a publisher use this information? thanks

    1. DaveyPeerFly Post Author

      This information is for anyone that is using a landing page or squeeze page. In a lot of campaigns, your conversion rates will increase if you send the potential customer to a “presell” page before sending them to the offer page. There are also a lot of people that will grab the email address and name of the potential customer before sending them to the offer so they can market to them over and over. In essence, this write up is for everyone. I hope that this has helped.


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