Traffic From Your Social Media Accounts

May 31st, 2012



There are a few things that you must have in order to make money marketing on the internet. One of those things is traffic. Without traffic no one will ever see what you have to offer. When no one sees your offer you will not receive any conversions!

Traffic is usually one of the things that can be difficult for people to acquire. Especially those on a budget. Free traffic is ideal for those starting out online. Free traffic can also have a substantial affect on your overall profitability as some of the free techniques can yield a ton of targeted visitors to your site or offer that you are promoting.

Here is a technique that works well. You just have to be consistent for it to work optimally. You need to create one of each of these accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google+. Make sure when creating your profile for each of these places that you make the profile of a person within the demographic you are targeting. Start adding friends, following people etc and slowly build your profile’s friend lists.

While doing this build a blog based on the offer that you are going to promote. Add unique and quality content. Also have banners for your offer on your blog pages. Share your content across all of your social media accounts. That is all it takes!

This is a very simple method but it works. And it is free!


I started marketing online in 2009 promoting CPA offers. I have stayed in that space since and have thoroughly enjoyed it! I was approached to work as part of the PeerFly admin and have never looked back. I love what I do and who I work with!

2 thoughts on “Traffic From Your Social Media Accounts

  1. Gary

    Thanks a lot Davey, That is good sound advice, I have been using some of these technique’s already, but I now need to add a few more linked source’s to make it work better for the free traffic flow to my site’s.


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