How In The Hell Can I Use Google And Bing To Promote CPA Offers?

April 30th, 2012




Google and Bing do not hate affiliate marketers! They hate the people and sites that are continually trying to game the system and their visitors just to make a quick buck. Anyone who says differently is not thinking clearly or looking at the big picture! Affiliate marketers have paid millions upon millions of dollars to the big search engines to send traffic their sites. The big search engines know this and appreciate and want more of that money. Bing and Google do hate a negative impact on their prime assets, or searchers. They hate the scam sites that offer any value to vistors.

The big search engines are all after one thing: Customer Satisfaction for the people using their service. In my opinion, the goal of all of the Google updates is trying to get to the point that all of the search results bring up relevant websites with the information that the searcher is looking for. So, the days of blasting shallow sites with links and getting ranked on the first page are long gone. Deep, robust, and user friendly site are going to do well.

What does this mean to CPA marketers? It menas that if you want to run traffic from Google or Bing to your offers you need to be a little more creative and diligent in doing so. In order to use paid search from Bing or Google your site needs to be filled with unique, well written and relevant content. Your site should also have the following pages: About Us, Contact Us, Site Map, Privacy Policy, and Terms Of Service. Do not add shit content at all! Spun content, scraped content that is pieced together, and poorly written content does nothing but frustrate end users and will get your site slapped by the very people you are trying to get traffic from. You should have at least 20 – 500 word posts added to your site and a new post up every few days. The easiest and quickest way to set all of this up is through a blog. If you are unsure on how to start up your own blog, head over here:, I have you covered!

Now, here is where we can tie everything together. Back to the point, how we can make money using paid search from Google and Bing. After you structure your site as I laid it out above, add a squeeze page to a subdomain. For example: you set up your blog on, you then want to set up a squeeze page on You can set up your ppc campaigns on Google and Bing and send your traffic directly to your squeeze page. Now you have captured your vistor’s name and email address you can then send them offers over and over via email.

Now you can see how you can still use that ultra targeted, high quality traffic from Google and Bing to market CPA offers. The days of direct linking are gone. Seriously though, if  you are in this for the long run and the big money, building your list is the best way to go. Now, use what is outlined in this post and then head over here: Now you have a site that the big search engines will still love and free money to start sending traffic to your squeeze page. I personally use this method myself and am enjoying the returns that it yields! Drop a comment and let me know what you think!



I started marketing online in 2009 promoting CPA offers. I have stayed in that space since and have thoroughly enjoyed it! I was approached to work as part of the PeerFly admin and have never looked back. I love what I do and who I work with!

10 thoughts on “How In The Hell Can I Use Google And Bing To Promote CPA Offers?

  1. Jorge

    Davey but to send traffic directly to the squeeze page, this squeeze page must also be built with rich content besides the main data capture format ? Thanks

    1. Jorge

      …… and obviously I suppose I can’t promote any CPA offer right ? only the ones that are relative to the theme of the blog. So I need a blog for each kind of CPA offers, right ? Thanks.

  2. david

    hey Dave,
    Is this still working with adwords or is this article outdated? also, will you get a poor quality score sending search traffic straight to a lander?

  3. Thierry HENRY

    Hi Davey,

    Thank for this good content. It s why it s better to chose one or two vertical to promote like you don’t have to build ten blog for ten différent vertical. And when the “client” land on our squeeze page it s not scared by the subdomian that are relevant to the offer and the blog.


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