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April 27th, 2012

Normally we would not do an entire blog post about one offer, but we is really excited to be able to bring this offer to you, our beloved publishers. The offer is PeerFly Offer # 5253 , Spotify US. Spotify is a music streaming service backed by some big names like Sean Parker (you know, Napster founder, former president of Facebook).

If you aren’t using Spotify, you should be. It’s free to use on your computer, and it lets you play nearly any song by any artist you can think of. Something else I like about Spotify is that you can set it to automatically show what songs you are listening to on your Facebook timeline. The social integration is flawless. Most of the team here at the PeerFly Office use Spotify to stream music while we work.

The Spotify offer converts on super easy registration with Spotify. How easy is the Spotify registration? As simple as a click – Facebook connect and BAM, the user is registered. I strongly recommend you test this offer today. Take Note: almost every traffic type is allowed.

We also have had the Spotify UK  Offer, PeerFly Offer # 4837, for several weeks now and it is performing great for the publishers promoting it. If you have UK traffic or email lists, you should definitely test this. Please reach out if you need further information or would like some suggested traffic sources and promotion methods. Cheers!


Travis is a dedicated member of the PeerFly Team, working primarily in the Business Development Department. He has been involved in the Online Advertising & Marketing Industry since 2007.

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