Leveraging Youtube For Tons Of Traffic!

April 26th, 2012


If you are not using Youtube to send traffic to your site you are really missing out! Youtube is the second largest search engine in the US. A few years ago, when someone wanted to find something on the internet or to learn more about something they would run to Google, do a search, and be satisfied with the information they were able to find. Now more and more people are doing research on Youtube. Especially for “how-to” types of searches.

With that being said, it only makes sense to grab some of that traffic and send it to your site? It is quick, easy and free to create and upload the videos. After you make a few yourself you will see how easy it is to do this and will be able to put your videos together in no time.

Try this: Select a vertical and then an offer. Then think of what your demo would like to see in a video. (Head over here to get a refresher on how to learn about demographic targeting: Demographic Targeting) Now find some images related to the video that you are going to make and save them to your computer. You can then use a slide show creator such as Microsoft Powerpoint to put everything together as a slide show. Then you can use a free resource such as Animoto to add these slides to a video and also be able to add music. Then upload your video to Youtube. Make sure to use a catchy headline and make the slides in your video relevant to the product or service you are promoting. Include calls to action in these slides also. Make sure to make reference to your site and how your viewers can find your site. BOOM! That si a completed video.

Now, the next thing to do is to share your video across all of your social media platforms that you are a member of. Make sure that you have an account at Pinterest, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Share your video and add a catchy little description for it also.

Now, the more videos you make the more of an impact this will have. You should be able to put together a video in around 15 minutes or so after you get the knack of the process.

Add this to your traffic arsenal. Have doubts? Let me aks you one question. What do you have to lose? This is FREE traffic. Give it a shot!



I started marketing online in 2009 promoting CPA offers. I have stayed in that space since and have thoroughly enjoyed it! I was approached to work as part of the PeerFly admin and have never looked back. I love what I do and who I work with!

6 thoughts on “Leveraging Youtube For Tons Of Traffic!

  1. Jorge

    I had created a video and I put it on YouTube. In 1 month I got 360 leads on my autoresponder acc. The power of YouTube is amazing.
    Thanks Davey for this post.

  2. Fary

    Thanks davey for the info.

    Have you tried the Adwords for Video advertising program that bring targeted traffic to your videos and you only pay when somebody watch them?


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