Google Introduces New Metrics For Internet Marketing

April 23rd, 2012

Google has introduced new advertising metric terminology in an effort to bring more traditional advertising online.Google is calling it’s new initiative Brand Activate. Google hopes that with metrics that big Brands can easily understand, they will feel comfortable shifting more of their adspend to the online arena.

The first two of the new metrics released under the Brand Activate initiative are Active View and Active GRP. Active View will count an active viewed impression as one that is ont that the ad “is at least 50% viewable on the screen for at least one second.”

Active GRP means Active Gross Rating Point. The metric GRP is used by the TV media industry to give an estimation of the number of users who watch a given ad. Google’s proposed Active GRP will calculate the reach of a campaign and allow advertisers to react based on real time results.

How does this affect the internet marketing industry? If these new metrics are embraced by brands, look for most advertising companies to follow in Google’s footsteps and begin using the metrics to track the success, or lack of, their campaigns.


Travis is a dedicated member of the PeerFly Team, working primarily in the Business Development Department. He has been involved in the Online Advertising & Marketing Industry since 2007.

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