Your Blog Is Hosted And Ready To Go, Let’s Add Content

April 16th, 2012

Alright, you now have a blog, picked out a killer domain name and have it hosted. The next step is to fill that blog with informative and engaging content.

The content you add to your blog is going to be pivotal in its success. You cannot have mediocre content and expect people to keep visiting or even care about what you have written. There are a few pointers that you can follow to ensure that your content is the best it can be for your targeted audience.

Identify with your audience.

You need to know who your audience is and what they are looking for. What expectations do they have of your site? Why did they click through to visit your site? What problems or obstacles are they facing? What types of solutions will your audience be willing to accept or believe?

There are tools out there to help you find out who your audience is. is simply amazing. You can visit Quantcast to see the demographic data for a particular website. This information is invaluable to you. By finding out who is visiting sites in your vertical you then know how to write content that appeals to your visitors. For example, if your demo is over the age 50, you do not want to use terms that your audience may not identify with. ROFl may completely miss it’s mark and cause your visitors to leave offended and not return.

Let’s use a live example. Let’s see how to write content for a blog focused on online dating. Now, a quick Google search for internet dating brings up the following results:

Now, I didn’t show the full page of results because I did not want to take up too much room here. But, there are 2 widely used dating sites listed with a broad appeal. You have Match.Com in the organic results and you have in the sponsored links. Let’s see what shows up for at Going to the website I am going to paste the url of the website I would like to further investigate. In this example we are going to use I know they get a ton of traffic and have had multiple advertisements on TV. Enter the url and then click search. Here are the results for

This tells us quite a bit of information. First off, traffic dipped for a little bit but is trending back upwards for this site. Secondly, the split between males and females visiting the site is almost even. The age group that has the highest volume is the folks that are 35-44 that have no children, are financially stable, and have graduated college. There is also not much of a split between which races are visting the site.

This data has painted a picture of the typical user to visit It has also gave you your demographic targeting to start in the dating vertical. There is an amazing amount of traffic going to this site. Personally, I would split this data into 2 parts. Internet dating for men and internet dating for women.

Above we discussed that it is necessary to get into the mindset of our potential visitors by identifying who they are and what problems they face as well as solutions to their problems. We now know who they are and if you are targeting the dating vertical you know what the problem is. They want a date!

Now, your approach to this is really up to you. There are so many ways to tackle this vertical and break it into other verticals. These people do not have a steady date, companion, life partner, whatever you choose to call them. Why? Is it because they work too many hours? Are they self conscious for any reason? Are they incredibly shy? It does not really matter. You can attack all of these issues if you so choose or you can focus on only one issue and build your blog around that. I would attack all of these issues but focus on one at a time. You should view this as a long term project that will bring in money now and a year from now.

You can also start as easy as just doing reviews of each of the dating sites. Sign up for a free trial to each of the largest internet dating sites and write about the features the sites have. You also need to touch on how easy it is to navigate the site and the over all feel.

Well, this post went a little longer than I originally anticipated. In the next post I will go over specific examples of what to write about. I may also start one of these up myself and share it so you guys can see step by step how quickly this can be built up. I will see you guys in the next post.


I started marketing online in 2009 promoting CPA offers. I have stayed in that space since and have thoroughly enjoyed it! I was approached to work as part of the PeerFly admin and have never looked back. I love what I do and who I work with!

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    Thanks for the post, very informative. Signed up with you guys yesterday and hope to be working with you soon.


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