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January 29th, 2012

Facebook Promotion Limitations

We recently added a note to our PeerFly offer pages further explaining what is and is not allowed with promoting our offers on Facebook. It is important that you follow our restrictions. Here is a blurb from our most recent email update sent out to subscribed publishers:

Please note that we only allow limited Facebook promotion. If Social PPC is allowed on the offer you’re running, you may only promote via Facebook’s paid advertising platform OR via monetization on apps that you’ve created. No fan pages, wall postings, forced shares, forced likes, or promotional comments will be allowed. Apps that you develop must be approved by PeerFly before you can monetize traffic with any of our offers. Anyone violating these rules will be suspended.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


I am the Director of Marketing at PeerFly and have over 15 years of experience with affiliate marketing. I am also a blogger and web developer. I enjoy creating applications to help my PeerFly publishers make more money!

2 thoughts on “Facebook Marketing Reminder

  1. Volante Jones

    I tried to log into my account today and it stated that it was suspended. Coming here to the blog, I see that it was due to FB promotion. Now that I read that we can only promote via FB monetized ads and not on wall posts, I will no longer do that. I was not fully educated on what “Limited Facebook Promotion” meant. Now I understand. What steps do I have to take to get my account active again?

    Volante’ Jones


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