Payment Schedule Updates

October 19th, 2010

We have recently made some changes to our payment schedules based on requests by our publishers. You can view the updated list of payment schedules below or on our Cash Flow page.

You can now request to be bumped to net15 once you receive your first payment over $500 for the month.

We now offer bi-weekly payments for publishers earning $4,000+ a month.

Get Bumped!
We will not automatically place you in any of these schedules. Payment schedules changes are granted upon request and approval by your affiliate manager and our compliance team! If you qualify for a bump in the payment schedule please contact me (Luke) and I will work on getting that setup for you!


I am the Director of Marketing at PeerFly and have over 15 years of experience with affiliate marketing. I am also a blogger and web developer. I enjoy creating applications to help my PeerFly publishers make more money!

23 thoughts on “Payment Schedule Updates

  1. Alfred Lindner

    I’m from the Netherlands.
    I put an offer from Peerfly on my site (Ipad). Here in the Netherlands I get a wrong link, but my site is in English and meant for the US. I suppose that someone in America who clicks the banner will get the right information? Could you click on the banner in my site to see if it’s all going right?
    Can I earn now? I thought I had to make a deposit of $ 50,-; Why is that?
    Like to hear,
    Alfred Lindner

  2. Sherry

    I applied too Peerfly on a refferal highly recommended by Anthony Morrison. I completed bonus offer available, I thought that the approval time would be only a few days. However, according to website indications, it may be several more weeks before I can begin. I am very excited about embarking on my marketing campaigns with Peerfly and just wanted to get started. I have completed all training videos thru Anthony Morrison.

  3. iwan k

    I’ve signed up to be publisher one week ago and to this day whether my application has been no reply is received or not, if my application is received I will be very happy because my income will I use to help treat my mother who was ill.

  4. Umair

    Hello. are you accepting new affiliate..?? i am new in affiliate marketing and i am working with convert2media. i hv no website but i m promoting through 7search and facebook.. can i apply in this network ..?? will you accept me..???

  5. Umair Ahmed

    Hello . i applied in your network 3 weeks ago but still not received any email or call. please accept my application and allow me to join your network and work with your network.

  6. Justin

    You guys customer service is the worst of any cpa company ive joined…..I need to see some improvement on that like asap…Why does it take you anywhere from 6 days to a month to respond to peoples questions??? thats ridiculous

    1. LukePeerFly Post Author

      I do not have a single email from you. Not sure who you are trying to get in contact with, but please feel free to send any questions over me to me.

  7. Jose

    Hi I have recently tried to apply as a peerfly publisher but I got denied. I really need some help and I would like to know what requirements do I need to reach to get accepted. I am extremely interested in peerfly because I saw an email/zip submit offer on nfl jersey’s. I can put that up as on ad on my football website. I tried contacting the account approval manager after my account got denied to see what can I fix or improve but I never got a response.


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