PPC Offer Restrictions Update

April 23rd, 2010

From time to time the advertisers and product owners we work with need to update their allowed marketing methods. We here at PeerFly will make sure to update you when such changes occur.

The following offers do not allow Search PPC. Some of these offers used to allow PPC with tight restrictions, so take note that from this point on there is NO PPC ALLOWED on the offers listed below.

862. Flirty Girl Fitness
865. Jupiter Jack (US, CA)
867. SpaceBags
883. SnoreEzz
887. Magic Jack
888. Smoke Assist
889. Shamwow
890. Shoes Under
891. Forearm Forklift (US, CA)
892. Big City Slider
894. Always Fresh Containers
895. Iron Gym (US, CA)
897. Blendy Splitz (US, CA)
899. Big Top Cupcake (US, CA)
900. Zpr Bags (US, CA)
901. Mothers Ring
913. Snuggie (US, CA)
915. Mini Sew-Wonder
916. Snuggie for Kids (US, CA)
918. Pasta N More (US, CA)
919. Ped Egg
921. Touch N Brush (US, CA)
922. Think N Lose (US, CA)
923. Toasty Wrap (US, CA)
924. Mister Steamy (US, CA)
925. Strap Perfect – Ultimate Bra Strap Solution (US, CA)
926. Eagle Eyes
927. Fix It (US, CA)
928. Ab Circle
929. Bedazzler
936. Bendaroos (US, CA)
948. Dryer Maid
949. Eco Canteen
950. EZ Cracker (US, CA)
953. ISO7X (US, CA)
957. Neckline Slimmer
958. One Touch Can Opener
959. Shake Away
960. Core Rhythms Canada (CA)
1013. Awesome Auger
1014. Water Jet
1017. Pro Caulk – Email Only
1018. Pup Light
1019. PetZoom Pet Park (US, CA)
1022. Fix It! Wood
1023. Perfect Brownie (US, CA)
1024. Magic Jack – Email Only
1025. Buffalo Tribute Proof
1027. Golden Age of Country
1028. World At War
1049. HD Vision Canada (CA)
1053. Grater Plater
1054. Smart Cover (US, CA)
1055. Juvenon
1056. Lucidal
1057. Treasure Chest Pets (US, CA)
1060. Laundry Ball
1061. Rock N Roll Hall of Fame (US, CA)
1062. Spacebag To Go
1063. OPC Factor (US, CA)
1102. Easy Curves (US, CA)
1103. Bumpits
1104. Canada Green Grass
1105. Perfect Fit Button
1106. Fix It Pro Pen (US, CA)
1107. Fix It Grout (US, CA)
1108. Dotza
1109. Bottle Tops
1111. DashTray (US, CA)
1112. Blingeez (US, CA)
1174. Blueberry Giant
1175. Topsy Turvy (US, CA)
1176. Topsy Turvy Tomato Tree (US, CA)
1178. President Victory Plates
1179. Tomato Giant
1180. Cilea
1181. Dreamie Premium (US, CA)
1182. Rainbow Peppers
1184. Zoom Marinator (US, CA)
1186. Orgreenic (US, CA)
1187.Plaque Attack (US, CA)
1188. Monster 1200 (US, CA)
1189. No! No! Skin
1190. Mighty Mend It!
1191. Kangaroo Keeper (US, CA)
1192. Leak Ender
1193. No! No! Hair
1194. Lean Choices (US, CA)
1195. Fun Foil Art
1196. EZ Comb (US, CA)
1197. EZ Motion (US, CA)
1252. Riddex (US, CA)
1255. Tushee
1256. Sure Clip
1257. Strawberry Giant
1258. Super Springz
1259. Smooth Away (US, CA)
1260. Heat Surge
1261. Sobakawa Pillow
1304. BioEnergiser
1305. Bare Lift (US, CA)
1306. Crazy Critters
1307. Fushigi Ball (US, CA)
1308. Save A Blade

Please make sure to take note of each and every restriction listed for all PeerFly offers. When restrictions are violated it can lead to offers being pulled, forfeiting earnings, and more. The majority of our publishers are already great at this. Multiple violations by the same individuals can make things harder on everyone and will not be tolerated.


I am the Director of Marketing at PeerFly and have over 15 years of experience with affiliate marketing. I am also a blogger and web developer. I enjoy creating applications to help my PeerFly publishers make more money!

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