As Seen on TV: New Offers and Great Payouts!

December 21st, 2009

You’ve probably noticed that PeerFly has been adding tons of new offers lately. One of the verticals we have really been working on expanding is our “As Seen On TV” offers. These offers convert very well due to the fact people are already familiar with the products from television advertising. And lately we have improved our relationships with several advertisers and been able to get TOP PAYOUTS on nearly every one of our As Seen on TV offers.

Examples: Snuggie (US, CA) has a payout of $15.50 ! Shamwow pays $11.25! Magic Jack earns you $26.75 per conversion! Flirty Girl Fitness pays you $20! SpaceBags has a payout of $15.50! Shoes Under is at $18.25 payout. Jupiter Jack (US, CA) is at $18.25. Always Fresh Containers pays $14.75 per conversion.

All in all you will find that you can’t get payouts this high anywhere else! Take the offer Ab Rocket for example. PeerFly Pays $48.50, where other networks are only paying between $32-$40!! If you happen to find a better payout on any offer we are running let us know and we can almost always get you a payout increase. We encourage you to try out these “As Seen on TV” offers and if you need any help setting up campaigns, selecting traffic sources, or anything else feel free to contact your Affiliate Manager

Take note that most of the As Seen on TV offers have strict TM restrictions. This means that if you are promoting the offers via PPC you absolutely CAN NOT bid on TradeMarked terms or variations. If you were promoting Snuggie, for example, you cannot bid on the word Snuggie or any misspellings or variations. It is a good idea before you begin a campaign to understand all of the requirements and restrictions for promoting it. Publishers found to be breaking restrictions on any offer will be blacklisted from that offer and may risk losing earnings. Take a few minutes to read over these on the info page for each offer and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

As the new year approaches PeerFly is working nonstop to make sure you will have plenty of offers to take advantage of new year’s resolution traffic. If you have any specific offer requests just email or get with Luke or Travis.

To all our publishers: We appreciate your hard work this year and hope everyone enjoys the holidays. Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and no matter which holiday you celebrate have fun and stay safe!

-Travis and the PeerFly Team


Travis is a dedicated member of the PeerFly Team, working primarily in the Business Development Department. He has been involved in the Online Advertising & Marketing Industry since 2007.

One thought on “As Seen on TV: New Offers and Great Payouts!

  1. Mircea

    Well I can confirm about the great payouts. I received an email from another affiliate network where an offer I was promoting with PeerFly had a $5.00 payout with them, and on PeerFly it was $13.00.


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