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November 2nd, 2009

Unlike most other affiliate networks, PeerFly has been custom built from the ground up by our own in-house programming team. Our team works around the clock to not only add new features to our network, but to also update old features to make them better and more suitable for you. We test these features extensively and once we see they are working properly we add them to the network. Here are a few updates that we have recently added that you should check out.

Marketing Restrictions
marketing restrictions

It is important to know how you can and cannot promote an offer and that is exactly what our new marketing restrictions section shows you. Before we added this feature those restrictions were placed in the offer description. This was both confusing for the publisher and sometimes we would even accidentally leave it out. Well, now we have a new section that clearly states those restrictions for you. Of course, if you ever have any questions about how you can or cannot promote an offer you are always welcome to contact us.

View Landing Page
view landing page

We accept publishers from all over the world at PeerFly and sometimes this can cause some technical issues. One issue that arose was that our international publishers were having a hard time viewing the landing page of offers not allowed to be promoted in their country. We switched over all of our links on the offer pages so that they go directly to the landing page of the offer and skip PeerFly’s geolocation restriction. Now our international publishers can view each offers landing page and decide whether they would like to try to promote it in the allowed countries!

Choose Tracking Domain
tracking domain

This feature was also something a lot of our publishers were asking for so we are that much more excited about releasing it. With our new tracking domains you can select different domains to use to create your affiliate link. Currently we have nine different domains for you to choose from (including of course) and we plan on adding more over time.

Long Link
short link vs long link

We also now not only have nine different tracking domains you can choose from, but you can also choose from using a short link or a long affiliate link. We added this feature to make it easier for our publishers using different tracking software to build their affiliate links.

If you have any questions or suggestions related to these new features you are always welcome to contact us or post them in the comments below.

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I am the Director of Marketing at PeerFly and have over 15 years of experience with affiliate marketing. I am also a blogger and web developer. I enjoy creating applications to help my PeerFly publishers make more money!

5 thoughts on “New Features for our Publishers!

  1. cory

    I am new to internet marketing started one month ago today.I put a banner on my site yesterday and today I noticed it says countries allowed united states. I am in Canada. Does this mean when someone clicks on my ad and buys the product I don’t get paid or does it just mean only people in the us can buy the product.

    1. CoreyPeerFly

      Hi Cory,

      The countries listed in the “Allowed Countries” section are countries that the offer accepts traffic from. You’re free to promote all of our offers regardless of the country you live in. 🙂


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