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September 21st, 2009

Everyone wants to drive more traffic to their landing pages, sites, blogs, etc. Here are a few different codes you can use to get free advertising and test your campaigns. Some of the codes/sites are only valid if you are creating a new account, some want you to deposit money into the account before receiving your credit. Be sure to check the terms when signing up. A quick search online can find many more of these codes but here are some to get you started.

Facebook Ads
You can get a $100.00 credit to use with Facebook Advertising. All you have to do is go here. This is the facebook page for Visa, Inc. It will direct you to go to and after a short signup you can set up a campaign with Facebook Advertising and the credit will be applied to your account. If you have any questions just email travis [at] and I will answer them for you.

Google Adwords
Coupon Codes and promotions for Google Adwords come and go. One that seems to be working currently is this site that gives you $50.00 of free advertising with Adwords.

Microsoft Adcenter / Bing
I have not tried this yet, but says that you can get a free $200.00 search advertising credit by purchasing the book.

Yahoo Search Marketing
You can use the link below to sign up with Yahoo Search Marketing and get a $125.00 credit:
Link 1- $125 YSM and check out other codes to see if they work for you here.

Other Advertising Sources
Many other Ad Credits are available out there from the big names as well as hundreds of smaller search engines and advertising providers. These links are for pages that maintain lists of ad credits available:


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