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May 18th, 2009

We just launched a very simple, quick mobile version of your daily capture for those publishers who are on the go and need to check their balance. It works great on any iPhone/iPod, BlackBerry, Instinct, etc. The mobile version is located at Currently, all it shows is today’s balance, yesterday’s balance and your total unpaid balance. We know there are more things you like to check for constantly like how many leads/sales you’ve generated for the day, conversion rates, epc’s, etc… We plan on adding more features to it soon but really need your feedback. So, if you have an idea of any features or stats you would like to see on the quick mobile version, e-mail Travis Glenn at and we will be consider your request and possibly add it soon!


Chad French is the President/CEO of PeerFly, Inc.

One thought on “PeerFly Mobile

  1. Luke

    I have been hoping for a mobile version for awhile. I constantly am looking at my stats on my iPhone and this makes it much more convient.

    If more stats were available (as you mentioned) that would be great. Maybe be able to look over clicks/leads for the day for active campaigns.

    I look forward to the updates!


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