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March 7th, 2009

We have a brand new member added to the PeerFly team, Corey Englaender, who is officially our “Network Communications Director”. To be more specific, Corey will be the primary contact with all of our partnered networks. His job will be to get the highest payouts possible, deal with all of our advertisers (past and future), get more direct and exclusive offers, direct our affiliate managers, and more. With Corey’s addition, PeerFly will be able to expand at our current speed in all facets of the business (publishers and advertisers) and it will allow us to focus on making the PeerFly system bigger and better.

You should expect to see changes in our payouts and offers as well as the PeerFly system over the next month.

We’re also almost finished with our latest system update that will allow our e-mail publishers to be able to start promoting our offers via e-mail. You may have already noticed changes within the offers section. You will soon be able to see promotable HTML e-mails, approved subject lines, approved “from” lines, unsubscribe links, and suppression lists. An announcement will be made on the blog and via e-mail once the update is complete.


Chad French is the President/CEO of PeerFly, Inc.

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